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Art for Offices

Art Services for Office Art

Developing an Art Strategy

Artelier's art consultants review in detail the client's vision for the office art and creatively develop an art strategy. This also involves reviewing the current corporate art collection.


Through a deep understanding of the project's context, we propose ideas for art in office spaces and identify key ideas for office artworks – such as paintings for work spaces, custom lobby sculptures and feature wall art. 


Custom Art Commissions

Using art market insight, our art consultants recommend collectable office art for varied budgets – both renowned contemporary artists, and talent with investment value.


As well as sourcing contemporary art for office collections, Artelier's art consultants also commission new artworks. We oversee the art commissioning process, developing the concept and ensuring that the office art meets the client's ambitions.

Art Investment Advice

Artelier's art consultancy provides a turnkey service for office art, including liaising with project teams for shipping, overseeing art installation, and placement for art in the office. 

Specialist knowledge is needed to display high-value art in the workplace. We ensure that art in offices meets project requirements and safety standards. As art consultants, we collaborate with artists to develop technical solutions, such as custom fixings for public sculptures and protective art finishes.

Curating Art for Offices

As corporate art consultants, Artelier develops strategies for corporate art collections and art for office spaces. As well as supplying collectable artworks, we source and commission contemporary artists to create custom artworks for offices – such as lobby art installations,  office wall art and custom sculpture commissions. 

Our Approach to Office Art Collections

1. Understand the client's vision 

Consult with clients on their vision for the office art collection, and propose ideas for new acquisitions for art in the office.

2. Audit current corporate art collection

Review the current corporate art collection and conduct art market research, providing an art advisory service.  

3. Art investment advice 

Select renowned artists and promising emerging talent for office art, both offering excellent investment potential. 

4. Developing an artwork strategy

Create a detailed proposal for the art collection for the office, including concepts for new art commissions.

5. Commissioning artists

Source and collaborate with contemporary artists on custom commissions, tailored specially for the office art project.

6. Art project management 

Oversee all aspects of delivering art for offices, including the commissioning process, art shipment and team liaison.

7. Art installation & presentation

Devise office art presentation solutions, including specialist fixings, integrated lighting for art, and placing art in the office. 

Selected Office Art Case Studies


Types of Artworks for Offices

Bronze & Marble Sculptures

Contemporary Paintings

Custom Mural Art

Glass Artworks

Feature Wall Art 

Sculptural Vases & Accessories

Bespoke Art Installation

Fine Art Photography


Locations for Office Art

Art for Office Lobby

Art for Conference Rooms

Art for Personal Offices

Art for Open Plan Workplaces

Art for Office Entrance

Art for Waiting Areas

Art for Boardrooms

Functional Art for Seating


Art Consultancy for Corporate Art Collections

Paris, France – Wall Art for Corporate HQ of Financial Agency

Dubai, UAE – Lobby Art Commission for Office

London, UK – Art Consultancy for Corporate Collection of Legal Firm

Geneva, Switzerland – Corporate Art Collection for Swiss Bank

Manama, Bahrain – Sculpture Commission for Hotel Lobby

Doha, Qatar – Art Collection for Office of Oil & Gas Company

New York, US – Review of Corporate Art Collection of Legal Firm

London, UK – Sculpture Commission for Lobby of Recycling Company

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