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Researching rich and subtle artistic narratives,

Artelier curates tailored artwork collections

unique to clients and projects


A Journey of Curatorial Research


Embedded in Arts Communities

With a respected reputation amongst arts communities, our art consultancy is connected to a network of artists’ studios, art colleges, art societies, galleries and museums around the world.


Conscious of the pitfalls of online search engines, Artelier instead conducts research 'on the ground' –engaging with genuine arts communities who have established reputations, and proven abilities to meet the demands of our prestigious art projects.

Unrivalled Library of Global Artists

With over 20 years’ experience within as contemporary art consultants, Artelier’s in-depth knowledge and quality of research has culminated in an unrivalled database of over 10,000 contemporary artists.

This database represents a global community of talented artists working in a spectrum of artforms and styles – all of which meet our demanding criteria for: Quality of Craftsmanship; Originality of Ideas; Credibility & Profile of Artist; and Industry Fair Pricing.


Intelligently Curated Narratives

As leading specialists in fine art services and curatorial research, Artelier is adept at understanding the rich potential for a project’s context to uncover subtle and inspiring artistic narratives.

Drawing reference from our comprehensive database and our deep understanding of artistic processes, as art consultants we actively collaborate with talented artists to explore, evolve and expand artistic themes in the creation of works that are unique to the project.

Curated Collections

Discover a small selection of our curated collections – each presenting artists’ works which draw subtle reference to a theme and form relationships as part of a collection

Further Reading

Art consultants

The Quest for Originality

In an overcrowded market, it is critical to discern high-quality artworks. Below, we discuss how our art research expertise leads us to discover innovative global artists. 

Art Consultants

Bahrain: A Case Study

Discover our curatorial case study, where we reveal our approach to in-depth research and creating thematic responses for a luxury hotel art project in Bahrain. 

Personalised Consultation

Working with private collectors, designers and project teams,

Artelier provides a personalised art consultancy service. 

Request a consultation and receive further information below. 

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