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Artelier Curation: Sculpture for a Private Superyacht

As international art consultants, Artelier specialises in curating artwork for luxury yachts, working with both yacht designers and private yacht owners. As well as sourcing contemporary art by leading global artists for yacht interiors, we also collaborate with artists to create custom art commissions tailored to the client's tastes. See our homepage for yacht art projects here.

In a personal art commission for a yacht owner, the private client wanted a new sculpture to take pride of place aboard M/Y Areti, the Lürssen 85m yacht. They wanted us to commission an artist to respond to their keen interest in cycling, and create an artwork for the yacht's Main Saloon.

Taking the initial concept of cycling, we developed the idea for a bronze sculpture depicting a dynamic peloton. We recommended bronze for this commission, as the material allows a level of detail that would allow the artist to capture the sense of speed, as well as being a robust, practical material for a yacht art commission.

Using our database of 10,000 artists, who have been carefully selected over years of research, we shortlisted several contemporary bronze sculptors who were especially suitable for the commission. Together with the yacht owner, we chose an artist who had specific experience with sports and action compositions.

As art consultants, we oversaw the commissioning process end-to-end: in close collaboration with both artist and client, we developed the sculpture from initial sketches to final installation.

After taking a thorough survey of the yacht's Main Saloon, we recommended dimensions for the sculpture, and together with the artist established a preferred composition for the sculpture. An advantage of specially commissioning an artwork is that it can be tailored to the intended space from the beginning of the project.

The artist evolved the sculpture from initial sketches to maquettes, enabling us to test and visualise the forms of the sculpture before it was cast in bronze. Once the final composition was reached, Artelier consulted with the private client to ensure that their vision had been met.

As Artelier had reviewed in detail the interiors of the Main Saloon, we worked with the artist to decide upon the ideal bronze finish for the sculpture. Choosing between many different bronze finishes, it was important to select one that both enhanced the subtle forms of the sculpture, and integrated well into the design of the Salon.

Given our extensive experience with commissioning new sculptures for yachts, we were well placed to consult with the artist to ensure that the finished sculpture was suitable for the yacht environment. We took measures to protect the sculpture from patination in the sea air, by adding a waxed finish on the bronze.

As part of our turn-key service, we also managed the installation process. This requires specialist experience for yacht projects, as all artworks must be safely secured onboard; we conducted stability checks, and developed hidden fixings underneath the sculpture, so that it could be safely sea-fastened.

The finished sculpture, since it was a highly personal art commission, helped bring the yacht owner's own interests to the interior design. While the sculpture was created specially for the yacht, as a treasured work of art it can be re-displayed in other contexts should the owner decide to move on from the yacht, making it a rewarding investment.

To learn more about our turn-key art consultancy services, as well as our process for commissioning art, visit our Art Consultancy page. To see further examples of our projects delivering art for luxury yachts, see our dedicated Yacht page.

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