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Curated Collection - Textile

Our latest Curated Collection takes inspiration from artists who incorporate diverse textile techniques to create eye-catching pieces.

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While the use of fabric is a staple of traditional craft, more recently artists have refreshed the materials to create a distinctly contemporary aesthetic.

The intricate patterns of interwoven layers form uniquely textural works, which are effective as both smaller statement pieces and expansive wall features.

Using textiles for large-scale works is a prominent element of Laurine Malengreau, one of the artists featured in Artelier's Artist Walls.

Reviving ancient textile crafts, Malengreau uses traditional felting techniques to create striking non-woven fabrics with silk, mohair and wool fibres.

Malengreau uses a washing process to open the wool fibres and delicately fuse them with silk, creating a new textile that maintains the softness of the raw materials, yet is strong and resistant.

Further examples of Laurine Malengreau's work and details of her background in textiles can be found on her page in our Artist Walls.

Laurine Malengreau art

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