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Artelier Curation: A Complete Art Collection for Marylebone Development

As international art consultants, Artelier specialises in curating art for residences, including private homes and residential developments. As well as sourcing contemporary art by leading global artists, we also collaborate with artists to create custom art commissions tailored to the project.

Artelier provided art consultancy for the developer of the Chilterns, a high end residential project in Marylebone, London, commissioning a contemporary art collection that reflected the urban context and was appealing to young professionals.

In the initial stages of the project, we thoroughly survey all aspects of the property design. After consulting the floor plans and renders of the rooms, we identified key spaces for artworks in the residence. Having consulted our database of 10,000 artists and completed further art market research, we then specially selected a range of contemporary artists to create a portfolio for the project.

Once a shortlist was decided upon with the designers, Artelier then commissioned artworks for a range of rooms, including bedrooms, the main living spaces and the hallway.

We worked with an emerging Italian artist on a series of paintings for the living room, which evoked the grit of urban art in an elegant manner.

To complement the raw canvases, the works were purposefully unframed, giving the impression of a warehouse gallery's presentation style.

Going against the grain by keeping paintings unframed is only suitable for certain types of artworks, and therefore our advice and expertise were essential to this element of the project.

Saving on the cost of framing for paintings in the living room also allowed more to be invested in the artworks themselves. As a result, we were able to provide the residential developer with a significant and high-quality art collection within budget.

Continuing the theme of urban art, we also commissioned a series of contemporary abstract paintings for one of the bedrooms, which re-interpreted the same muted colour palette seen in the living room with gestural brushwork.

For bespoke wall art near the entrance of the residence, we commissioned artist Ewan David Eason to create a gold leaf artwork that depicts a map of London. Eason combines printmaking and gilding techniques to meticulously evoke the metropolis in stunning detail.

This distinctly modern interpretation of a cityscape is in keeping with the style of the interiors, and the combination of gold on black highlights the accent colours of the artwork's immediate surroundings. Since the residence is in the heart of London, the artwork also presents a tasteful reference to its wider context.

Alongside our painting commissions, we also developed bespoke sculptures, such as a series of hand-carved wood panels for the hallway. Each panel was individually crafted by hand by an up and coming British sculptor, and made specially for the project.

We wanted to give the space a distinctly fresh, contemporary feel, and diverge from the typical choice of framed prints for corridors. Our solution for the long hallway instead brought craftsmanship and character, invigorating the space through textural variety.

The natural variation in the grain of the wood is exaggerated by the carved patterns, adding a sense of depth the panels. The individuality of each piece makes the wood panel sculptures ideally suited to the space, as their subtle variations inspire interest in the viewer as they move down the hallway.

As art consultants, it is essential for us to consider how spaces will be regularly used. This is especially fundamental for residences, as well-selected artworks can significantly enhance everyday experiences. Taking the time to assess how an artwork will be viewed in situ, and curating art that works with the natural viewpoints of the room, creates more dynamic and engaging spaces.

The Chilterns in Marylebone, London, is one of many developments Artelier has recently worked on, delivering art for luxury residences. Often working with developers directly, we provide a fully comprehensive list of services, from initial research to sign-off.

To learn more about our services and our process for commissioning bespoke artworks, visit our Art Consultancy homepage. Further examples of our residential projects can be found on this dedicated page.


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