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Artelier Curation: A Bespoke Sculpture for Private Art Collector

As international art consultants, Artelier specialises in curating art for residences, including private homes and residential developments. As well as sourcing contemporary art by leading global artists, we also collaborate with artists to create custom art commissions tailored to the project, including residential sculpture commissions and public artwork commissions. Discover more on our Art Consultancy homepage.

Artelier recently fulfilled the specific vision of an established international art collector, who wanted a new sculpture commission for their sculpture garden on the Greek island of Spetses.

We worked closely with the private client to understand their ideas for the garden artwork commission, which would be the latest addition to an extensive sculptural collection that features esteemed international artists.

The client wanted a stand-out, colourful sculpture which would contrast with the natural setting, and playfully interact with the garden. As art consultants, we carefully considered the layout of the sculpture garden, in order to ascertain the prime location for the new sculpture commission.

Works by eminent artists elsewhere in the sculpture garden

Together with the client, we came up with a specific concept for the sculpture – the new art commission would be a 5m tall tree, that would be finished in a vivid, saturated blue which would contrast with the rest of the garden.

Using our extensive database of contemporary artists, we researched up-and-coming sculptors who would be capable of working to the required scale. Artelier selected a young emerging artist from the UK, who had previously created natureinspired, metal garden sculptures with a contemporary twist.

A key part of our art commissioning services is to then develop the concept with the artist, using their creative insight to evolve the project. We trialled various materials and colours, refining the aesthetic of the sculpture, as well as ensuring its longevity in outdoor conditions – an essential consideration for large garden sculptures.

Developing a bespoke commission gives the opportunity to directly incorporate the client's ideas into the artwork, and as art consultants we are responsible for working with the artist to fully realise the client's vision. As the sculpture progressed from initial sketches and digital renders to maquettes, the client gave input at each stage of the project's development.

Artelier closely managed the production process, with a keen focus on the technical requirements of the sculpture – it was essential that the artwork was able to withstand the intense heat and sun of the Greek climate.

The solid stainless steel structure was coated with a special industrial compound, which would protect the metal from the outdoor elements, as well as evoke the rough texture of bark under the painted surface. We were also involved in testing different paint finishes and techniques, so that the sculpture's paint would remain as bright and durable for years to come.

Installing a heavyweight yet delicate structure requires specialist expertise, and Artelier was able to develop technical solutions for securing the sculpture to the ground. As part of our end-to-end services, we also handled the logistics of delivering the sculpture from the artist studio to a remote location off the Greek mainland, ensuring that the artwork was appropriately shipped and installed.

Once on site, we were able to identify the best positioning for the sculpture through communication with the artist and client. Due to the sculpture's prominent location and proximity to the client's own residence, it was essential to curate the view of the piece from each point in the garden.

Bespoke Sculpture for Spetses Commission

Having delivered art for private collectors for over 15 years, Artelier has particular experience of realising the client's vision for their collection.

To learn more about our art consultancy services and the bespoke commissioning process, visit our Art Consultancy homepage. For further examples of our curated art in residential projects, view our dedicated page here.

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