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Designing a unique spa interior experience using feature walls

Spa Feature Wall

Going to the spa is a moment of self-care, of connection and often of quiet contemplation. Spa-goers are looking for an experience that is both familiar and unique, they expect the indulgent luxury of a warm swimming pool but also look for moments that are memorable and that set a spa apart. Creating the right

experience for your visitors is a layered process but it all starts with design, decor and ambience. The design of the space should reflect the unique ethos of the spa as well as a nod to local culture, materials and traditions.

Veronica Schreibeis Smith, CEO and founding principal of Vera Iconica Architecture says “Architecture built of local, natural materials mixed with the architect’s ingenuity and respect for the surrounding culture and traditions has the power to heal us, as well as envelop us in new and delightful experiences,” she explains. “The buildings seem to grow out of the landscape and become an inherent part of what allows us to enjoy the natural environment. The experience is complete when combined with local healing

traditions, foods and practices that immerse us and ground us in the present moment.”

Spa Lounge Tropical Feature Wall
Image by Artelier - Art Consultancy

Here at Artelier, we specialise in providing art and bespoke feature walls for spas and hotels internationally. We take into consideration the location, local traditions and materials as well as the existing design aesthetic of the spa. Partnering with world-class artists, we can produce one of a kind artworks and feature walls for all types of luxury spa interiors. Discover here a selection of our spa feature walls and commissioned artworks.


Spa interior design
Image by Artelier - Art Consultancy

1. Echoes of the ocean, this feature wall was created in collaboration with one of our partner artists Adam Arbeid. This contemporary fresco is made using traditional materials including crushed marble, granite, glass as well as precious metals. Inspired by the translucent qualities of water it has been designed to reflect its environment perfectly.


Sauna Interior design
Image by Artelier - Art Consultancy

2. This artwork was commissioned for the sauna of the M/Y Plvs Vltra (74m) yacht. The artwork needed to resist the extreme heated environment, and be safe for the users of the sauna – an artwork with metal elements, for example, was not suitable, since it would heat up considerably and be dangerous to touch. We, therefore, recommended using carved wood art, in line with the wood used for the sauna itself. A leading contemporary artist was commissioned to create a hand-carved wall hanging sculpture, which would be tailored to the unique space.

luxury jacuzzi design
Image by Artelier - Art Consultancy

3. In another part of the M/Y Plvs Vltra spa, porcelain wall art was commissioned for the jacuzzi of the superyacht, collaborating with a leading ceramic artist on the central artwork for the spa. The installation was intricate, yet resilient, made of hand-sculpted porcelain flowers. Each flower was fixed onto a board in concentric circles, giving the impression of ripples on a pool of water. Within the space, the harmonious symmetry of the circles evoked a Zen-like simplicity. Since the porcelain artwork would

hang directly beside the jacuzzi, a humid-resistant coating was specially applied to the porcelain to ensure the artwork's longevity.

Spa interior design
Image by Artelier - Art Consultancy

4. This feature wall for a spa interior is made of shattered glass, the artist behind the work developed this unique technique accidentally. Frustrated, after a failed artwork, she shattered the piece, only to discover that she found the broken and reassembled image all the more compelling. This notion of beauty in the imperfect is reminiscent of the Japanese Wabi-Sabi tradition “sometimes described as one of appreciating the beauty that is "imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete". This philosophy fits well with the idea of spa visitors seeking a moment of beauty and tranquillity in an otherwise fast-paced existence.