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Introducing "Art Concierge":
a new approach to investing in art
& curating a personal collection

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Why Invest in Art?

Want to learn more about why to invest in art, and which artists to invest in?

Investing in art

Art Investment

The Artelier approach to art investment is to act as a personal "art concierge", providing a range of bespoke services: acquiring a stand-out piece, building a collection, and navigating the art market on your behalf. Guided by the client's interests – whether cutting-edge emerging artists, or 20th century masters – we bring together a team of reputable specialists to cater to any niche, offering trusted art investment advice.

Investing with Artelier

The "Art Concierge" is your representative when navigating the art world:  liaising with specialists, dealers and artists. When working with collectors, we tap into our curators' art market expertise and network of art specialists to build a bespoke collection.

We recognise that drawing on external specialists introduces a wealth of knowledge. Catering to niche interests, we may approach a leading dealer of Picasso lithographs, an academic of Barbara Hepworth, or art advisors of contemporary East Asian art. Our aim is to work with the best positioned individuals for a client's investment goals, as an indispensable art partner.


Daniel Crews Chubb at Vigo Gallery

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Daniel Crews Chubb in studio

1. Emerging Artists

With the volume of emerging artists, our curators identify those with great investment potential, and avoid work that is clichéd or overpriced. At fairs, shows and online, we discover artists who show conceptual quality and contemporary craftsmanship, and will stand the test of time.

Frieze Art Fair, London


Gallery Tour of work by Faye McCaul


Studio Exhibition of work by Simon Allen


El Anatsui artwork on display

2. Established Artists

To collect established artists, fostering
relationships with galleries is key. Artelier's team have a broad overview of the art world, providing a client-led service that builds knowledge – we provide tailored presentations & guided tours of galleries or fairs to enrich your interests. 
Etienne Moyat 01.png

Collector's home with piece by Etienne Moyat


Contemporary works by David Hockney for sale

3. Contemporary Blue Chip

Acquiring high-value art needs specialist know-how of gallery & auction processes, industry dealers, and market conditions. All our advice is uniquely tailored to clients, & offers an unbiased opinion. A network of industry connections also benefits clients with access to off-market art deals.

Art dealer's display of Jean-Michel Basquiat

henry moore garden edit.png

Collector's sculpture garden, featuring Henry Moore

4. Modern Masters

Collecting Modern Masters is a question of access; our concierge service connects with reputable dealers and opens doors for unpublicised sales. We recognise the advantage of connecting with leading specialists in particular artists for external advice, offering collectors an unparalleled resource of knowledge.

Collector's home in New York


Display by dealer in early 20th Century art


A Wealth of Experience

The Artelier team has extensive experience curating investment-grade pieces for leading brands. Over the years, Artelier has solidified its reputation as a leading art consultancy, curating art collections for luxury hotels, private residences, superyachts, and mixed- use developments.


Our company is well versed in large projects that entail refined research and curation, as well as highly complex project management. This process includes; fine art framing and presentation; art handling packing and shipping; white glove delivery logistics and customs; and final on- site curation and secure installation.


Achieving the highest standards and meeting the demands of challenging global projects, Artelier prides itself on the long term partnership it has established with global brands. Our reputation, team knowledge, and company resources, provides our clients with complete peace-of- mind when working on the most ambitious projects.

"Working with Artelier has been very smooth and easy. They’ve been helpful in advising suitable artwork and frames for our project. I look forward to working with them in the future"

– Lawson Robb, Art Collection for Chelsea Barracks Penthouse

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Selected Case Studies