Our corporate art consultancy offers specialist market expertise in developing corporate art strategies and managing art collections for international clients 

Corporate art consultants

Curating Corporate Art

As corporate art consultants, Artelier develops strategies for corporate art collections and offers ongoing collection management.


As well as supplying collectable artworks for corporate environments, we source and commission contemporary artists to create bespoke new artworks that respond to the context and company brand. 

A Selection of our Projects

With over 15 years' experience providing trusted advice for investment-worthy corporate collections, 
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Step Inside a Corporate Case Study

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In the Heart of the City

Numis, a dynamic investment bank, commissioned a bespoke collection of artworks. The collection captured the spirit of London, reflecting the context. 


An Ode to London

Pieces present abstract visions of the City, visible from the office – the flowing Thames, glimpses of iconic architecture, and the blend between nature and city.


Truth to Materials

Responding to Numis' corporate identity, the artworks expressed integrity through the craftsmanship of heritage materials – bronze, oil painting, woods & porcelain.


Art as Investment

As the client saw their corporate art collection as an investment, the artworks present exciting work that will stand the test of time due to their timeless elegance.


Dynamic & Contemporary

To reflect Numis' pioneering approach, the art collection celebrated contemporary culture, and showcased living artists at the forefront of British arts scene.


A Lasting Narrative

Giving further context to the collection's inspirations and artists, Artelier produced a hardback book for staff and visitors of Numis to enjoy for years to come.

Four Steps to Corporate Art Collections

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Art Services for Corporate Art

Developing an Art Strategy

Our corporate art consultants review in detail the client's vision for the corporate art and creatively develop an art strategy that responds to the corporate brand. Each strategy is developed with a long-term view, creating a framework that can continue to grow.


Through deep understanding of the project's context, we identify key spaces and propose concepts for corporate artworks. This also involves reviewing the current corporate art collection, and curating it in line with the unique strategy. 


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Art Investment Advice

As trusted art consultants for private collections, ​Artelier has built a strong reputation for delivering returns on investments. This comprehensive market knowledge, honed over 20 years' experience, feeds into our corporate art consultancy. 

Evaluating purchasing contexts, our corporate art consultants confidently identify established and early-career artists through continuous research. Each discovered artist in our database is measured against Artelier's unique set of criteria. 

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Corporate art consultants

Custom Art Commissions

Using art market insight, Artelier recommends collectable art for varied budgets – both renowned contemporary artists, and emerging talent with promising investment value. Our corporate art consultants also commission new bespoke artworks.


Our specialist corporate art team oversees the art commissioning process, developing the concept and ensuring that the corporate art meets the client's ambitions. As a turnkey service, this approach offers complete turnkey management. 

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Presentation & Installation

Specialist expertise elevates the display of valuable art in the workplace. As part of our corporate art consultancy, we provide a turnkey service that includes liaising with project teams, architects and designers to deliver premium presentation. 


Using technical expertise, we provide custom framing and plinths, and develop bespoke lighting solutions. Overseeing all logistics, our team ensure that delivery and installation are effectively handled, and that artworks are curated in situ. 

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