With specialist expertise in art strategy & large-scale artwork commissions, Artelier delivers a turnkey consultancy service for public art, landscape & garden projects

Public & Landscape Art

As public and landscape art consultants, Artelier has specialist expertise in developing art strategies and commissioning bespoke installations and sculptures.


Our projects have spanned varied public realm spaces, including: mixed use developments, corporate contexts, public parks, sculpture gardens, residential developments, landscapes and temporary installations. 

A Selection of Public Art Projects

With over 15 years' experience curating and commissioning large-scale projects, explore our full Public Art Portfolio here

Art Services for Public Art

Understand the Project Vision

Each project has its own unique context, vision and opportunities for artworks. As part of our role, we consult with project teams, owners and operators to establish a deep understanding of the project’s ambition and how best to translate this into the public artworks.

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Identify Key Locations for Art

Artelier comprehensively surveys urban design plans and landscapes to establish key locations for public art and garden art, curating various viewpoints and considering how the public would experience and interact with the installation.


Artwork Development & Curation

Using art market insight, Artelier researches and recommends leading contemporary artists who are well-suited to the context of the public art project. Providing curatorial expertise, we develop proposals and refine art concepts before overseeing the art commissioning process.

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Logistics & Installation

Providing turnkey management, we organise logistics, shipping, and insurance. Displaying public art requires specialist expertise: we devise custom presentation solutions, like fixings and integrated lighting, and installing artworks in compliance with health and safety. 


Ongoing Maintenance

Long-term maintenance schedules are developed for technical public pieces, and are thoughtfully streamlined with practical solutions. With sustainability as a core ethos, many of our public artworks use materials that benefit from ageing or can be responsibly replenished. 

Contextual Art Research

Researching the artwork's wider context – such as local history, geography, or culture – allows Artelier to develop deeper thematic ideas and narratives for art in gardens or in the public realm, creating a dialogue between the artwork and its surroundings.​ 


Developing an Art Strategy

In developing an art strategy, Artelier combines the project's vision with practical and technical considerations, devising solutions for how to integrate the artwork into its urban or natural context and achieve sustained engagement and ultimate ROI.

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Procurement & Art Commissions

Overseeing the procurement and artwork commissioning process, Artelier provides specialist art market insight and fabrication expertise. We coordinate and supervise each stage of producing, artworks in order to ensure the highest standards of quality and project timescales.

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Public Engagement & Interaction

As part of the final installation and artwork placement in situ, Artelier provides curatorial advice in order to heighten public engagement. All artworks are further assessed to ensure they comply with necessary safety regulations for public interaction and display outdoors.

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Insight & Expertise