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As a leading hospitality art consultant, Artelier is brought onboard as a trusted hotel art partner for revered hotel projects, providing creative art direction & turn-key project management

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Curating Art for Hotels

Collaborating with the world's most revered hotel brands, our curators develop bespoke art collections for global projects in locations such as Europe, the Middle East and Asia. ​

Each carefully crafted hotel art collection speaks to the unique culture of its context, bringing local heritage to life for a wide audience. Promoting talented local and international artists, every hotel collection feels both relevant and fresh.

A Selection of our Hotel Projects

With over 15 years' experience developing art collections across Europe, the Arabian peninsula & Asia, 
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Step Inside a Hotel Project

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© Photography by Tooze Studio


An Oasis Amidst Arid Sands

Raffles entrusted Artelier to curate a bespoke art collection for their new desert palace hotel: an ancient desert palace reimagined with the luxuries of today. Nestled on the Bahraini coastline, our team researched, commissioned and curated the entire collection, drawing inspiration from the lushest of greenery to the driest of deserts.

Woven Histories

Adorning the hotel’s entrance, contemporary textile wall art honours Bahrain’s rich legacy of community and trade, paying homage to weaving traditions cherished and preserved across generations.

Harmonious Reflection_02.jpg
Harmonious Reflection_05-min.jpg
Matthias De Vogal_02.jpg

A Modern Twist

Pieces celebrate the fusion of tradition and modernity – traditional Bahrani materials interwoven with contemporary art styles, reflecting the architectural blending of the city and its local culture.

Matthias De Vogal_04.jpg
Matthias De Vogal_03.jpg

Investing Locally

At the core of our curation is a commitment to strengthening the local Bahraini art market. We scouted emerging and established talent in the region, like artist-painter Omar Al Rashid, whose jewel-toned palette and original textural approach capture the vibrancy of the Bahrani community.

Omar Al Rashid_02.jpg
Omar Al Rashid_03-min.jpg
Omar Al Rashid_01.jpg

Preserving Craftsmanship

Our curators have unearthed hidden talents in timeless, sustainable crafts. Ancient heritage techniques have been meticulously preserved, from an artist specialising in lapis-lazuli pigmented ceramics to another adept in intricate gold-threaded textiles, the collection echoes generations of creative ingenuity.

A Fallen Symphony_01.jpg
A Fallen Symphony_05.jpg
A Fallen Symphony_06.jpg

A Human Touch: Figuration

Reflecting the international spectrum of guests to the hotel, Ebrahim BuSaad’s Cubist-influenced painting blends European modernism with idioms from Bahrani culture: a paisley-clad woman paired with a friendly Lutino lovebird.

Last painting_03-min.jpg
Last painting_02-min.jpg
Last painting_01.jpg
Fragments of the Past_02.jpg

Fragments from A Dilmun Past

Contemporary Bahraini artists used heritage pottery techniques to honour the artistic ingenuity of those from bygone eras. Memories of the ancient Dilmun civilisation are reawakened by fragments mimicking an archaeological excavation of precious ancient tiles.

Fragments of the Past_04.jpg
Fragments of the Past_03.jpg

Poetry & Calligraphy

Inspired by Bahrain’s Sumerian namesake as "the place where the sun rises," Bahraini artefacts reference the intertwinement of ancient script and modern Dilmun language.

Spears & Golf Lead Map_01 (1)-min (1).jpg
Spears & Golf Lead Map_02A (1).jpg
Mohsen Ghareeb_01.jpg
Hala Kaiksow_01-min.jpg

Lost Treasures

Gold, treasured for millennia, embodies timeless opulence. This mystique spans civilisations, symbolising Bahrain's luxurious Dilmun era and Raffles' role as a destination during the Golden Age of Travel.

Hala Kaiksow_02-min.jpg
Hala Kaiksow_04-min.jpg
Plant Form_03 (1).jpg

Our Scopes & Services

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Art Services for Hotel Art

Understand the Project Vision

Each project has a unique context, design scheme and brand principles. Our team of hospitality art consultants collaborates with project teams, owners and operators to establish a deep understanding of the project’s vision, and how best to communicate this through curated hotel art and decorative accessories.  

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Contextual Art Research

Through extensive research into the hotel's context, Artelier unearths ideas for artistic themes and develops visual narratives, intelligently weaving them throughout the project in various art forms. This thematic approach offers a rich basis for a coherent and bespoke art collection.  

Concept Development & Curation

Building on our artistic research, Artelier explores artwork concepts that bring to life the visual narratives. Identifying key locations for art throughout the hotel, we ascertain optimal placement, and specially curate each area to maximise the impact of artworks in situ. 

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Art Specifications & Detail Design

As part of our process, we review each artwork and the hospitality spaces in order to establish an artwork specification and detailed design which meet the project requirements. This includes creative direction, as well as technical considerations like framing, installation and fire safety. 

Art Procurement & Commissions

Our team of hotel art consultants can oversee the procurement and commissioning process for all artwork and accessories, providing specialist art market insight, project management and art fabrication expertise in order to ensure the highest standards of quality across the hotel art project.  

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Project Management

Delivering turnkey project managing, Artelier's team of hospitality art consultants coordinates and supervises each stage of the production process for artworks; we monitor time-scales and ensure the project’s deliverables are met, and that all safety regulations are adhered to. 

Logistics & Installation

Artelier manages team liaison and offers full support in organising logistics for delivering art for hotels, including: labelling, packing, shipping, import and export documentation, delivery and specialist fine art installation services on site. 

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Working With Hospitality Art Consultants

Working with a hospitality art consultant ensures access to specialised expertise and decades of experience in curating art exclusively for the hotel industry. A hotel art consultant can work alongside key stakeholders to curate the hotel's art collection, from initial concept to final installation, providing a turnkey service.  

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