As a leading yacht art consultant, Artelier provides complete art collections & bespoke commissioning services for private superyachts & luxury cruise ships

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Curating Art for Yachts

Having worked on over 30 superyachts, we understand the unique needs of the yacht environment – working with private clients, yards, designers and contractors. 

Ensuring flawless integration, we commission bespoke artworks that meet technical, structural and material requirements. Every piece is adapted with specialist solutions for fixings and finishes, prepared for life at sea.

A Snapshot of our Finest Yachts

Having created bespoke art collections for over 30 superyachts, discover Artelier's full portfolio of yacht projects

Step Onboard a Yacht Project

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A Collection at Sea

Developing a complete art collection, we commissioned bespoke paintings, sculptures & decorative vases across all spaces, as well as a 6m gold leaf mural

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Adapted to the Yacht Environment

Keeping the context in mind, artworks were integrated into structural elements such as TVs and wall panels, had specialist sea-fastenings, and resistant finishes

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Artist Collaboration

Our curators worked closely with a selection of contemporary artists, producing a high-quality collection that felt authentically collected

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Elegant Presentation

To elevate each artwork to its full potential, our consultancy developed specialist frames and lighting solutions that integrated pieces into their spaces

A Promise of Longevity 

The bespoke art adds to the high-calibre presentation and becomes an asset to the yacht owner – whether they want to charter, sell, or enjoy for years to come

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Four Steps to Yacht Art Collections

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Specialist Art Services for Yachts

Developing an Art Strategy

Working with both private clients, leading designers and yards, we review in detail the client's vision for the yacht art collection. Each bespoke collection speaks to the maritime environment, whilst promoting individuality and personality.


Through a deep understanding of the context, our curators identify key spaces across the yacht, considering where pieces would make the most impact. We propose concepts for each space, developing custom solutions. 



Yard Liaison & Logistics

To create a streamlined process, our curators collaborate and coordinate directly with the yard and the yacht's contractors, overseeing logistics and ensuring that project milestones and deliverables are met. 

This includes the administration of imports and exports of artworks to and from yards, marinas and overseas territories. Our curators also arrange for appropriate insurance, which are specified to the yacht context. 

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Technical & Design Solutions

The collection is developed with longevity in mind: timeless pieces that are simple to maintain and move. The yard and contractors’ specifications are evaluated in detail, ensuring efficient integration of artworks in yachts.


To meet technical, structural and material requirements, each artwork is custom-developed with the artist for the yacht context. This takes into account how materials will age at sea, and the practical needs of each space onboard the yacht. 


Presentation & Installation

Expert installation is key for yacht art projects. Our yacht art consultants design and develop marine grade sea-fastening structural fixings for wall art and sculptures. We then provide specialist technical support for installing the artworks.

These are developed together with presentation and lighting solutions, including bespoke frames, plinths, fastening for installations and integrated lights. Each each piece is therefore elevated in situ.

Work with us on your yacht art project

Work with Us

Whichever stage your yacht project is at, Artelier can advise on creative direction and artwork concepts. We can provide a turnkey art service, overseeing the project from initial ideas to installation – contact us to learn more about how we can tailor our services to you.