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Our Highlights

Noor Riyadh Artists 

Celestial Rhythms: Cosmos and Choreography in Contemporary Art: reflecting on notable international artists from the world's largest light festival in 2023

In the Studio: Thomas Allen

Thomas Allen, born in 1989, creates detailed dreamlike scenes that capture the fascinating allure of hypnagogia—the transitional state between being awake and falling asleep. His artwork explores the border between abstract and figurative, driven by rhythmic patterns that reflect the flow of time.


Based in the UK, Allen's practice spans studio work, site-specific projects, and research-driven conceptualization informed by sociological theory and diverse fields like renaissance foraging and contemporary food packaging.

Art Review

Curator Calypso Lyhne-Gold celebrates 6 artists who explore ancestral heritage in their art practices


Artist Estate: ESPIGA Pinto
(1940 - 2014)

Artelier offers consultancy and management services for the Pinto Family Estate, featuring investment-grade artworks available for both rental and sale.

Discover the extraordinary legacy of ESPIGA Pinto, a luminary in Portuguese art whose acclaimed works and prestigious accolades have been curated by industry leaders, including former Tate Britain Director, Penelope Curtis.

Art Collector Insights

Artelier contextualises blue as a theme within art history, advising investors on collecting modern masters