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Close up shot of Atmosphere II, an artwork


Artists, Techniques & Materials

Artist in action in their studio

Supporting Artists


Artelier upholds an inherent belief in supporting artists' creative potential. By ethical trade standards, Artelier is recognised as an exemplary model for fairly remunerating artistic talent.

We connect talented artists to international projects, irrespective of their professional standing, be it emerging or globally-recognised. Previous artisans have come from diverse backgrounds, ranging from the tropical island of Miyakojima in Japan to the captivating city of Bahir Dar in Ethiopia.

Michelle Gagliano in action making an artwork

Ancient Techniques & Craftsmanship

Integral to Artelier’s ethos is working with artists who have a deep connection to their materials and the subtleties within. This sense of truth to materials and honed craftsmanship requires a lifetime of dedication.


Particularly significant to Artelier are artists who have pursued a path of learning and developing ancient craft techniques, following in the footsteps of their ancestors to keep the medium alive and relevant to a contemporary context. By conserving these techniques at risk of extinction, we safeguard traditions of invaluable heritage and historicity, whether they come from local or international backgrounds.

Close up shot of Benoit Averly's artwork

Natural Materials


Artelier has a particular focus on promoting artists working sustainably, and has developed strong relationships with a network of contemporary artists championing the use of natural materials.


The artists in our latest Artist Walls collection all share a sense of connection to our planet and display an intuitive use of natural materials. Artelier’s Fine Art Framing promotes a specially developed collection of hand-crafted sustainably-sourced British wood frames with natural dyes and finishes.

Sustainability with Integrity

Close up shot of artwork titled Crack of Dawn

Sustainable Office Model


Artelier is working towards being Carbon Neutral. Our offices and storage units are powered by 100% renewable electricity, and all business activities are designed to minimise our carbon footprint, such as using electric transport. All received packaging and materials are consciously re-used and recycled to significantly reduce waste, a practice also requested to clients and artists when sending and receiving artworks. 

Our Bristol-based office is located in a Clean Air Zone, with our team commuting by bike, public transport or walking to combat urban air pollution. 

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Timeless Collections


Conscious of shifting and ever-evolving trends in the art market, Artelier invests in the research and development of meaningful art collections for commercial projects so that they remain timeless and irreplaceable.


This not only fosters a deeper connection between artwork and project, but  results in a timeless collection that combats unnecessary material waste and replacement. Consequently, this legitimises the art collection as an everlasting key investment piece.


About - Ethos Thumbnails August 2023 (5)

Less is More

Our philosophy on design and curation is to create art collections prized for their quality over quantity. By concentrating on fewer pieces and carefully deliberating if every project space should be displayed with artworks, we significantly reduce the demand for resources and materials in the production process while accommodating commercial budgets.


Sensitive to environmental impact, this focus on higher quality artworks translates to enduring, longer-lasting investments that withstand the test of time because they are less likely to be replaced, fostering sustainable methods in the artwork design and commission process.

About - Ethos Thumbnails August 2023_edi

Working Locally


Artelier actively collaborates with local artists in our project regions which minimises our carbon footprint linked to shipping artwork internationally as well as artist travel. 

Artelier consciously hires local Curators and Project Managers for our international projects. This prevents unnecessary carbon emissions from air travel but also supports regional job opportunities and communities. We proudly collaborate with local specialists and suppliers for framing, logistics and installation, which minimises the carbon footprint of artwork production.

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