With specialised experience of delivering certified art for aviation projects, Artelier provides art consultancy & art commissioning services for private aircraft

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In addition to our art consultancy for all projects, we offer specialist and personalised services for private aircraft projects

Our Art Consultancy Process

Technical & Design Solutions

Evaluation of completion centre and contractors’ specifications to ensure efficient integration of artworks in aircraft interior, meeting the creative design intent as well as technical and safety requirements.

Completion Centre
Liaison & Logistics

Coordination with completion centre and contractors to ensure project milestones and deliverables. Administration of 

imports/exports to and from fit-out centre, airports and overseas territories.  

Conformity & Certification

Design and development of certifiable artwork materials that meet all fire, structural and weight requirements. Specialist technical support for onboard installation, fixings and finishing artworks.

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Whichever stage your aircraft project is at, Artelier can advise on creative direction and artwork concepts. We can provide a turnkey art service, overseeing the project from initial ideas to installation – contact us to learn more about how we can tailor our services to you. 

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