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As specialist art consultants for delivering aviation certified art, Artelier provides art consultancy & art commissioning services for private plane interiors

Curating Art for Aircraft

With 15 years' expertise in the unique requirements for air-certified art, our curators work with prestigious private clients and contractors to elevate the calibre of aircraft interiors. 

Each bespoke artwork is specially developed to meet all aircraft requirements for weight, fire-safety and security fastenings, producing an onboard art collection that is technically sophisticated and effortlessly elegant. 

© Image credited to Unique Aircraft 

A Selection of our Aircraft Projects

With over 15 years' experience developing air-certified art collections for private aircrafts & lounges, discover Artelier's full aircraft portfolio

Step Onboard an Aircraft Project

Global 5000_lower res_3.jpg
Copy of Copy of pinot noir (8)_edited.jpg

© Images & Videos credited to Winch Design

Global 5000_lower res_2.jpg

A Personal Commission

The owner of a Bombardier Global 5000 wanted a complete refurbishment of their aircraft, which was modern, vibrant and reflected a sense of character. Artelier collaborated with Winch Design to deliver the bespoke interior.

Global 5000_lower res_4.jpg
Global 5000_lower res_5.jpg

An Expressive Interior

A feature wall artwork that covered the entire aft bulkhead was the starting point for the concept. Bold colours and abstract detail would provide an arresting focus in the Owner's Lounge. Finishes and textures across the aircraft were inspired by the artwork.


Artist Collaboration

Artelier commissioned a London-based artist, who painted the original artwork directly onto the aircraft bulkhead. Our curators worked closely with the artist to reimagine his technique and style in entirely air-certified materials.


Abstract Visions

The artist's abstract work is a masterclass in balancing bright, contrasting colours, weaving together dashes of vivid hues. The spontaneous and expressive style is deceptively complex, as the artist practices great control to manipulate the paint's flow.

A Lasting Statement

With exquisite attention to detail, the artwork and interiors together become a contemporary statement, giving the aircraft a unique character. Designed for longevity, the impression will feel fresh and timeless for years to come.

Global 5000_lower res_6.jpg

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Insight & Expertise

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