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Christoph Schrein

Oil & acrylic on glass

Schrein’s artistic practice is a continuous exploration that delves into the depths of paint as a medium. Through experimentation on a highly technical and scientific level, Schrein is able to break new ground and reveal the remarkable fluidity of his medium.


The results are sweeping shapes that reflect light and float through the air like metallic veils, winding around and overlaying each other in zero gravity. Traces of the artist are barely visible in the final works. Instead, the paintings appear to originate from within, taking on an otherworldly life of their own. 

Example works & projects

Sample Artworks

To fully appreciate the subtle qualities of each artwork, the Artist has produced a small selection of sample artworks, for our art consultancy, available to loan on request. 

About the Artist

Christoph Schrein is a German artist working from his art studio in Leipzig, Germany. In 2003, Schrein studied painting at the prestigious ArtEZ Institute of Arts (Enschede, Netherlands) under renowned abstract painters Kees Smits and Steven Aalders.


Recognised by discerning art collectors in the Middle East & GCC (Dubai & Abu Dhabi, UAE) and internationally, selected collections include: the Waldorf Astoria Hotel (Beverly Hills, US); the Lincoln Centre (New York, US); luxury hotel art projects in the Middle East (UAE, Oman); and several notable private collections in London, UK and Europe. 

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