Peter Randall Page

Stone, clay & ink

The practice of Randall Page is informed and inspired by the study of organic form and the natural world.  In particular, he has become increasingly concerned with the underlying principles determining growth and the forms it produces.

Inherent within Randall Page’s work is a foundation of geometry, as a key theme on which nature plays infinite variations, and this can be seen as a pattern book on which the most complex and sophisticated structures are based. Revealed through the artist’s work is an exploration of the tension between pattern and randomness, structure and chaos, order and disorder, theme and variation.

Example works & projects

Sample Artworks

To fully appreciate the subtle qualities of each artwork, the Artist has produced a small selection of sample artworks for our art consultancy, available to loan on request. 


About the Artist

Alban Guerry Suire is a French freelance photographer and digital artist based in the Alps. After studying Graphic Design in Grenoble (2008-2012), he worked for an agency in Paris before relocating to the La Plagne, in the Alps and pursuing his freelance work full-time.


Since 2015, he has honed his techniques for Glitch Art – digitally altering photographs through coding and purposefully glitching pixels to create artworks. His innovative work and distinctive style has been noticed by international brands and organisations, leading him to work with clients as varied as Le Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle de Grenoble, magazines, and brand campaigns with companies in France, Sweden and the GCC. This ever-growing portfolio includes commissioned work from Europe to the Middle East.