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Petr Weigl

Bronze & porcelain

Permeating Petr Weigl’s work are questions around our roles in the world, our interactions with one another, and the landscapes within which we coexist. Weigl’s draw to landscape is one that traces back to an earth before civilisation and living organisms, when the planet existed purely as a geological phenomenon suspended within the realms of its autonomous tectonic forces and flowing lava fields.


The artist’s response to humanity examines formulaic structures and notions of unity and community, whilst also contemplating the infinite differences and subtleties that come to define individuals and societies. 

Example works & projects

Sample Artworks

To fully appreciate the subtle qualities of each artwork, the Artist has produced a small selection of sample artworks for our art consultancy, available to loan on request. 

About the Artist

Petr Weigl is a British artist working from his art studio in London, UK. He was awarded a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics from Central Saint Martins (London, UK) in 2001.


Recognised by discerning art collectors in the Middle East & GCC (Dubai & Abu Dhabi, UAE) and internationally, selected collections include: a public art commission at 20 Grosvenor Street Mayfair (London, UK); Royal Institute of British Architects (London, UK); Coutts & Co. (London, UK); HSBC Private Bank Canary Wharf (London, UK); Barclays Wealth (Geneva, Switzerland); the Four Seasons Hotels (Hong Kong); and luxury hotel art projects in the Middle East (Dubai, UAE and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia).

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