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10 Benefits of Hiring a Corporate Art Consultant in 2024

We all know the importance of corporate art for a company's culture. It can be an effective way to boost morale, inspire creativity, raise the company's profile as well as a great investment opportunity. But how do you go about choosing art for your office? Often the task may seem daunting, particularly if the person assigned to it is not a contemporary art expert. Many companies, therefore, turn to a trusted art consultant who can identify their needs, and deliver a unique solution within budget, while working to deadlines.

A corporate art consultant is an individual with experience in evaluating and selecting corporate artworks on behalf of their clients. They usually have a background in fine art as well as a further specialism in a specific art genre. They form the perfect bridge between the contemporary art market and the corporate world. If you are still unsure whether you would like to work with a consultant, here are 10 benefits of hiring a corporate art consultant for your office art.

Lobby Office Art | Art Consultant

Image by Artelier Art Consultancy

1. An art strategy lead by the brand

A corporate art consultant will conduct in-depth research into your company's brand, culture and existing art collection. They will also consider your corporate art guidelines and policies. This will help to define the best kind of artwork for your company whether it be new installations, a reinterpretation, or even new collaborations with artists.

Meeting | Art Consultant

2. A review of your current art collection

Assessing your existing corporate collection will determine its strengths and weaknesses. This can also help you decide whether or not this is the best time for a refresh, if it needs re-hanging, or rearrangement, an expert's eye will see things you may not have and give you a fresh perspective on the collection.

3. Identification of key spaces and proposal of new concepts

Your art consultant will study the site and identify key spaces that may not have been considered before but that would benefit from a new artwork. They can then propose ideas and concepts based on their research. You may often be surprised to find that art can be adapted and placed in many different parts of the building from the ceiling to the floor, or as a centerpiece in a large lobby space. Site-specific artworks can also be commissioned to be created in situ.

Danny Lane Glass Lobby Sculpture | Art Consultant

Image: Artelier Art Consultancy

4. Sourcing and commissioning artists on your behalf

The consultant will collaborate with you to source and commission new original work from emerging or established artists. They will liaise directly with the artist, curating an experience that reflects your brand while delivering the best possible artwork within your budget constraints. A commissioned artwork can even be created in situ for a truly bespoke and immersive experience.

Tobias Tovera Flame

5. Receive expert art investment advice

A corporate art consultant can offer advice on art for investment and introduce you to a network of artists in order to expand your collection. This will help support emerging talent allowing for the opportunity to acquire 'blue chip' artwork at an early stage. Look for someone with a proven record of returns on investment and a strong portfolio of corporate clients.

6. Access to early career and emerging artists

A corporate art consultant has experience identifying corporate artworks that are not only aesthetically pleasing but have real value on a business level too. They can identify early career and emerging artists who are on the rise and likely to 'stand the test of time'.

Art Gallery Exhibition

7. A complete turnkey service

A trusted consultant will handle all aspects of the project, from the initial consultation to identifying new pieces, sourcing them, final framing and installation. They can also be seen as trusted long-term partners offering ongoing care by offering a yearly maintenance plan, taking away any stress or hassle you may have when it comes to keeping up with the corporate artwork in your office space.

Abstract Blue and Gold Painting | Artelier Art Consultancy

8. Custom framing, plinths and bespoke lighting

A consultant will oversee the installation process and advise on custom framing, plinths and bespoke lighting. This is often an overlooked part of corporate artwork installations but can significantly impact how a piece is experienced by visitors in your space. This will also ensure the artworks are carefully preserved for years to come.

9. A new framework that can be taken over by your team

Once your consultant has put together a clear strategy for your corporate art, you will have a framework that can be integrated consistently across your business. They will oversee installation and offer ongoing care to ensure pieces are installed correctly with minimal disruption, allowing for the corporate art strategy to be taken over by internal staff when necessary.

10. Ongoing collection management and curation

Should you desire it, your art consultant can act as an ongoing curator, offering advice and guidance on looking after your existing collection over time. Updating the collection as well as taking care of any future purchases on your behalf.

11. (Bonus) An immersive corporate experience for your clients

An expert corporate art consultant will work closely with you to create an environment that is not only visually arresting, but one that reflects your brand values and ethos becoming an integral part of the overall customer journey.

Tobias Tovera | Lobby Art

Image: Artelier Art Consultancy

In Conclusion

Hiring a corporate art consultant will help you get the best out of your office art collection. It is worthwhile searching for an expert who can offer not just sourcing and installation, but one that has proven success in developing a detailed corporate artwork strategy that communicates your company's brand and values.

Ultimately, working with the right person will also prove financially beneficial, as corporate art pieces can also be seen as an investment that can then be sold on at a later date.

Here at Artelier we are specialist corporate art consultants, if you are interested in finding out more about what we offer, please feel free to visit our dedicated corporate art page to understand how we can work with you or simply get in touch with a member of our team today to discuss your needs.


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