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The Best 15 Global Office Interior Designers in 2024

Corporate Office Interior Design
© Design Week

Artelier is an art consultant specialising in providing complete art collections for corporate offices, hotels and residential projects. Discover here our industry insight into 15 of the best office interior designers working in the industry today.

When it comes to office design, it's important to find an interior designer that reflects your company's culture and values. The best office interior designers take a holistic approach to creating a space that employees will enjoy coming to work in everyday. They consider everything from the layout of the space to the type of furniture that will be used.

From small start-ups to large corporations, these designers have a wealth of experience in creating beautiful and functional offices that will boost employee morale and performance. If you're looking for a world class office interior designer for your next project, then be sure to check out our list of the top 15 office interior designers working in the industry today.


Artelier Art Consultancy

© Artelier Art Consultancy

Location: United Kingdom & International

Founded in: 2012

Notable Project: Numis Corporate Offices, London

Specialised: Art collections for corporate and office spaces

As corporate art consultants, Artelier develops strategies for corporate art collections and offers ongoing collection management. We work with office art for large multinationals, start-ups, SMEs and co-working spaces. As well as supplying collectable artworks for corporate environments, we source and commission contemporary artists to create bespoke new artworks that respond to the context and company brand. We also offer a range of services for managing and developing existing collections.

Our team has a wealth of experience in curating, installing and maintaining office art collections, and we work with clients to ensure that their investments are kept up-to-date and aligned with their business goals. Whether you're looking to commission a new artwork or develop an existing collection, we can help you find the right solution for your needs.


1. Oktra

Image Copyright: Oktra

Location: London, UK

Years in industry: Since 1995

Notable Projects: Ocean House London, Futureworx Cambridge, Babyliss + Connair Offices

Awards: Regeneration project of the year, SBID International Design Awards 2022

Oktra is one of the UK’s leading office design and build companies. They've been defining the future of workspace since 1995 by working with tenants, landlords, serviced office space providers and co-working operators to deliver best-in-class working environments across London and the regions. To date, they have delivered over 16 million sq ft of office space. As a company, Oktra is committed to delivering stylish, innovative and practical workspace solutions that reflect the specific needs of their clients. In addition to their design and build services, they also offer a comprehensive range of furniture, fittings and equipment (FF&E) to complete any commercial office refurbishment or fit-out project.


2. Gensler

Image Copyright: Gensler

Location: International

Years in Industry: Since 1965

Notable Projects: T-Mobile HQ, 21st Century Fox HQ, Adidas NYC, Adobe Offices

Awards: AIA Chicago 2022 Design Excellence Awards, HIP Award Workplace Designer of the Year,

Founded in 1965, Gensler is a global architecture, design, and planning firm with 52 locations across Asia, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, and the Americas. The firm serves more than 3,500 active clients in virtually every industry, and is guided by determination and optimism. Their work reflects this belief, and includes some of the world’s most iconic office buildings and spaces. With a deep commitment to sustainable design, they are also working to create a future that is resilient and equitable for all.


3. BDP

Image Copyright: BDP

Location: UK + International

Years in Industry: Founded in 1961

Notable Projects: PWC Belfast offices, North Colonnade Canary Wharf, Airbus HQ

Awards: Lighting designer of the year, FX Award finalists, LUX Award Finalists

BDP is a unique firm, comprised of experts in the built environment who work together to create innovative design solutions. The firm has a long history of success in tackling projects of all sorts, from large-scale infrastructure projects to more bespoke light sculptures. BDP's work is distinguished by its focus on improving everyday life through design. The company integrates disciplines such as architecture, engineering, and urban design to address the challenges of a changing world. In recent years, BDP has expanded its reach by partnering with Nippon Koei, one of the world's leading engineering firms. This partnership has allowed BDP to extend its capabilities even further, positioning the company as a truly global practice.


4. Rockwell Group

Image Copyright: Rockwell Group

Location: New York, USA

Years in Industry: Since 1984

Notable Projects: Warner Music Group HQ, 299 Park Avenue, WME/IMG Office

Awards: AIA New York President’s Award 2015, Architect’s Newspaper 2020, National Design Award Cooper-Hewitt National Museum

Founded in 1984 by David Rockwell, Rockwell Group is an award-winning, cross-disciplinary architecture and design practice based in New York City, with satellite offices in Madrid and Shanghai. The firm specialises in a wide array of work, from office and corporate spaces to luxury hospitality and healthcare projects. Its unique combination of interactive technology, handmade objects, custom fixtures and furniture create environments that seamlessly integrate technology, craftsmanship and design. In every project, the firm emphasizes innovation and thought leadership to craft a unique and individual narrative concept. With global offices to support its far-reaching vision, Rockwell Group is truly a world-renowned firm.


5. Penson

Image Copyright: Penson

Location: London, Beijing, New York

Years in Industry: Founded in 2004

Notable Projects: Proximus Campus Belgium, Sports Direct London Office, Sony Playstation London HQ, King (Candy Crush) HQ

Awards: Best Architectural & Interior Design Company 2020, Dezeen Media Awards 2021

Penson is a company that believes that life is too short to waste time in dull or inefficient spaces. They are the global disrupters in architecture and interiors. Working in a wide range of sectors, they specialise in creating unique workplace environments, as well as hospitality, residential and commercial spaces. Penson strive to create spaces that are not only efficient but also enjoyable to be in. They believe that the environment should be uplifting and inspire people to do their best work, this philosophy has made them recognised as a company that is constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries of what is possible.


6. Clive Wilkinson

Location: California, USA

Years in Industry: Founded in 1991

Notable Projects: Microsoft Pebble Beach HQ, Publicis USA HQ, Valve HQ

Awards: Interior Design Magazine

Design Awards:

Clive Wilkinson Architects (CWA) is an architecture and design practice that collaborates with progressive clients to create new environments that support and enhance contemporary life. The firm has worked with some of the world's most creative companies and institutions over the course of thirty years, amassing a wealth of experience that it uses to inform future projects. CWA is known for its strong architectural frameworks that personify a client's social, cultural, and functional needs. The firm strives to connect people and shape relationships through its designs, believing that any organisation is a distinctive 'human community.' By empowering organisations to produce new forms of human community, CWA hopes to invigorate contemporary life.

Image Copyright: Clive Wilkinson


7. Office Principles

Image Copyright: Office Principles

Location: UK

Years in Industry: Founded in 2014

Notable Projects: Figflex Offices, DAS UK Group, Arcadis Offices

The Office Principles team are passionate about high-performance offices that impact productivity and staff wellbeing in a positive way. They pride themselves on the amazing results that they are able to achieve for their clients. Their team of dedicated and driven project managers deliver the highest standards every time, impressing clients with their adaptability, quick-thinking, and ability to handle any challenge. They understand that people are a companies most important asset, and so design their office fit-outs accordingly, with the needs of the workforce in mind. They don't just complete projects and leave you to it--they provide dedicated aftercare to ensure that everything continues to run smoothly long after they've finished working. When you choose Office Principles, you can be confident that you're making the best possible decision for your business.


8. Liqui Design

Image Copyright: Liqui Design

Location: UK & USA

Years in Industry: Founded in 2007

Notable Projects: Primark Office London, Seedrs Office London, Allegra Office London

Awards: Luxury Lifestyle Award 2022,

Liqui Group is a design studio that specializes in office design, sustainable furniture, lighting, and residential interiors. The company was founded in 2007 by Cameron Fry, a furniture designer and maker who now leads a team of designers and craftspeople who are dedicated to creating high-quality interiors, furniture and lighting that have a minimal impact on the environment. This means that everything is intelligently designed to not only look good but be fit for purpose too. Their goal is to create products that will last for generations, so they focus on quality over quantity. Everything they make is designed to be used and loved for years to come.


9. Beyond Space

Image Copyright: Beyond Space

Location: Netherlands

Years in Industry: Founded in 2021

Notable Projects: Siersma Office Space, Joolz Office Space, Elho Office Space

Awards: 2021 Siersema Office, Winner Dezeen Awards, Small Workplace Interior, Public Vote

Beyond Space was founded on the belief that architectural thinking can be applied to more than just matters of space. Drawing from a range of interests, disciplines, and experiences, the company seeks to forge new connections and allow for the unexpected. Beyond Space combines creative entrepreneurship with a solid grounding in architecture, and couples their unconventional ideas with intuitive design. They sit comfortably where art, architecture and product development meet, and mix buildings and spaces and objects. This approach has led to some truly innovative designs, and Beyond Space has quickly become a leading name in the industry. With a dedication to creativity and a passion for pushing boundaries, Beyond Space is poised to continue their groundbreaking work for years to come.


10. Henning Larsen

Image Copyright: Henning Larsen

Location: Copenhagen, Munich, New York, Hong Kong, Oslo

Years in Industry: Founded in 1959

Notable Projects: Microsoft HQ Denmark, KAB House, The Biotope

Awards: Nykredit Architecture Prize, Praemium Imperiale, Ecksberg Medal, C.F Hansen Medal

Henning Larsen is an internationally respected studio offering office design, architecture, landscape, and urbanism. The firm is known for its innovative and sustainable designs, which frequently incorporate natural light and views of the outdoors. Henning Larsen's buildings are have been praised for their ability to enhance the quality of life of those who occupy them. The studio's architects take a holistic approach to design, considering all aspects of the built environment and how they can best be used to serve the needs of people and communities. This commitment to social responsibility has earned Henning Larsen a reputation as one of the most socially responsible firms in the architecture industry.


11. Universal Design Studio

Image Copyright: Universal Design Studio

Location: London, UK

Years in Industry: Founded in 2001

Notable Projects: BBC Pavilion Cannes, British Land HQ London, Jimmy Choo HQ London

Awards: Dezeen Interior design studio of the year 2021 (longlist),

Since its founding in 2001, Universal Design Studio has been driven by a belief in the transformative power of well-designed spaces. The studio is known for its focus on the experience of the people who will inhabit the spaces it designs, with an emphasis on adaptability and rigour. Universal's portfolio includes unique workspaces as well as commercial and residential projects. The studio has also executed projects for galleries and cultural institutions across the globe. Notable clients include Ace Hotel, Fortnum & Mason, At Six Stockholm, The Office Group, and repeated collaborations with Roca London Gallery.


12. Sella Concept

Image Copyright: Sella Concept

Location: London, UK

Years in Industry: Founded 2016

Notable Projects: Sidewalk Infrastrucure Offices, Public Hall Coworking Space

Awards: Restaurant & Bar Awards – Colour Winner

Founded in 2016, Sella Concept is a London based design studio creating intuitive interiors for their clients. Sella spaces range from office workspaces to residential, members clubs and hotels, working across multiple locations including London, New York, Paris, Zurich and Mallorca. The Sella approach to each project is versatile, and a subtle nod to the past is a common thread throughout. This combination has allowed the company to create numerous successful projects in a variety of locations. New York, Paris, Zurich and Mallorca have all been lucky enough to experience the Sella Concept touch.


13. Perkins + Will

Image Copyright: Perkins + Will

Location: USA, London & Shanghai

Years in Industry: Founded in 1935

Notable Projects: Bank of Canada Head office, Skender Construction Offices, Gateway Center

Awards: AIA COTE Top Ten Award, 2021 Asla Professional Award, Fast Company Innovation by Design Award

Founded in 1935, Perkins + Will believe that design has the power to make the world a better place. The company is committed to advancing design through research. Their team providing interdisciplinary services in office and corporate design, architecture, landscape architecture, and more. They have a passion for human-centered design and how it can impact our lives through sustainability, well-being, and inclusion. The company is made up of 2500 professionals and is headquartered in the United States with partners located on nearly every continent.


14. McW

Image Copyright: Studio McW

Location: London, United Kingdom

Years in Industry: Founded 2016

Notable Projects: Earthrise Studio

Awards: Dezeen Small Interiors Long listed,

Studio McW, founded by David McGahon and Greg Walton, is a London and UK based architectural practice that prides itself on its young, talented team working across a diverse range of sectors. These sectors include office spaces as well as high end private residential and mixed-use schemes. What characterises a Studio McW project is the intense focus on the needs and requirements of each client they work with, which allows them to extract and challenge the idiosyncrasies of each brief.


15. Arjan De Feyter

Image Copyright: Arjaan De Feyter

Location: Netherlands

Years in Industry: Founded 2000

Notable Projects: ADF Office, Cube Office

Awards: Dezeen Awards 2018, longlist, emerging interior designer of the year

Arjaan De Feyter Architects is a design bureau that specialises in overall concepts custom-tailored to the needs of each client's interior. Recently, featured in Dezeen for their office interior designs, they have also broadened their focus to include exterior designing. To achieve this, the design bureau operates in close collaboration with specialists from other architectural disciplines. The majority of Arjaan de Feyter's previous assignments and projects have concerned private homes, as well as commercial and office spaces. The work of the studio is characterised by a fondness for purity, the use of honest materials, and a strong sense of detail.


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