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40 of The Worlds Top Art Advisors by Genre in 2023

The art advisory industry is one of the most competitive industries in art today. With so many art advisors to choose from, it can be difficult to find the right person for the job. When selecting an art advisor the first and most important aspect is to find someone who is a specialist in the type of art you are looking for. This article is therefore categorised by area of specialism so that you can quickly browse and find the right consultant for you.

Modern and Contemporary Art



Location: United Kingdom & International

Years in the Industry: 15 years

Notable Projects: Art Curation for St Regis hotel, Rosewood, Vida, Marriott, Amels luxury Superyacht, Aurora Borealis Superyacht, Marylebone Development

Artelier, has been working with art collectors for over 15 years and has established an international client base. Specialists in the commissioning of contemporary art pieces for private clients as well as large commercial projects. What sets Artelier apart is the focus on supporting contemporary artists skilled in ancient techniques, craftsmanship, and sustainability. Artelier has a database of over 15,000 fine artists that have been carefully selected and curated over a decade.


McCaslin Art Advisory

Location: London, UK

Years in the Industry: 2016 - Present

Claire McCaslin-Brown launched McCaslin Art Advisory in 2016 in London to assist art collectors and investors around the world in finding art they love. She works with her clients to create concepts for private art collections, suggesting contemporary artists from her database of over 100 artists. She uses her extensive network on the secondary market to source and acquire sought-after pieces for her clients.


Delahunty Fine Art

Location: London, UK

Years in the Industry: 20+ years

Delahunty is one of London's leading fine art advisory, specializing in work by prominent modern and contemporary artists. The gallery has decades of expertise guiding customers through the international realm of modern and contemporary art while maintaining complete privacy and discretion. Delahunty also offers a selection of curated shows throughout the year from its Mayfair gallery on Burton Street.


Tanya Baxter

Location: London, United Kingdom

Years in the Industry: 20+ years

Tanya Baxter Contemporary is a worldwide art broker and consultant. The company has a deep network in the arts, which includes galleries, trusts, foundations, museums, and private collectors. Their advisory and brokering services are unique in terms of openness and depth of knowledge.


Ticolat Tamura

Location: Hong Kong

Years in the Industry: 2012 - Present

Notable Projects: Jean Michelle Basquiat Works on Paper, Stephan Balkenhol Exhibition

Ticolat Tamura Ltd is an art consultancy established by Kyoko Tamura and Mathieu Ticolat in 2012. Specialising in works by Modern and Contemporary artists of the 20th and 21st centuries, Ticolat Tamura provides high-quality advice as well as tailored private sales to corporations, private collectors, and art institutions.


After Nyne Contemporary

Location: United Kingdom

Years in the Industry: 2017 to present

Notable Projects: Affordable Art Fair, London Art Fair 2021,

After Nyne Contemporary is an art gallery and art consultancy. They are dedicated to increasing the exposure of young artists and building mutually beneficial relationships with collectors. After Nyne Contemporary showcases work by a small number of emerging artists, including photography, painting, assemblage, sculpture, and print.


The Artling

Location: Singapore & Shanghai

Years in the Industry: 2013 to present

The Artling's main aim is to provide their clients with the greatest contemporary art and design from across the world. Whether it's for a personal collection, workplace area, or a unique hotel project, the Artling team is here to advise on pieces from some of the best contemporary artists, galleries, and designers. Their art advisory service is tailored to ensure a seamless acquisition process.


Maria Brito

Location: New York, USA

Years in the Industry: 2009 - Present

Notable Projects: Featured in the New York Times, The Wall Street & The Huffington Post

Marisa Brito is a New York-based contemporary art advisor, author, and curator who has received numerous awards. A Harvard graduate with roots in Venezuela, she authored her first book, Out There, published by Pointed Leaf Press in 2013. Complex Magazine selected Brito among the 20 Power Players in the Art World in 2015. Marisa was also named by ARTNEWS as one of the visionaries of the art world in 2020.


Guggenheim Asher

Location: New York & Los Angeles

Years in the Industry: 30+ Years

GA is a leading international art consultancy that specialises in the purchasing, selling, and collecting of art. They offer unbiased counsel, market knowledge, and extensive experience in the purchase, sale, and collection of artwork. GA's collectors are among the most recognized figures in the field because of the company's insider knowledge and connections. GA helps collectors significantly broaden their reach by being both their eyes and ears in the market.


Murphy & Parnters

Location: London, New York, Hong Kong

Years in the Industry: 2015 to present

Notable Projects: ***

Murphy & Partners provides a one-stop-shop for clients who are in need of fine art investment advice. Their global team's caliber and experience, as well as an extensive worldwide network, give them and their clients a competitive advantage. The company is just as comfortable transacting on a single work of art as an entire public or private collection.

Asian Art


Asian Art Advisor

Location: Asia

Asian Art Advisor can help you navigate the Asian art market. They've worked with a wide range of clients, including embassies for international cultural programs and wealth management firms wanting specialist knowledge of the Asian art market. Their vast network of industry experts, academics, and experience conducting quantitative and qualitative research gives them unrivalled insight into the Asian art market. They have an extensive network as well as strong relationships with artists in the region.


Robert Bradlow Fine Art

Location: London, United Kingdom

Years in the Industry: 30+ Years

Notable Projects: Head of Chinese department Sotheby's, Head of Sotheby's Australia

Robert Bradlow has been in the auction industry for over thirty years and until recently was a senior director of Sotheby's London as head of their Chinese department for over ten years. Robert has a natural interest and enthusiasm for the subject, which comes across when working with clients to value, acquire, or sell Chinese art objects. Robert has amassed a vast worldwide network of collectors, dealers, auction house specialists, museum curators and conservators through his regular travels across Europe, Asia, Australia and the United States.



Location: Beijing China, New York, USA

Years in the Industry: 2010 - Present

Notable Projects: Guggenheim Museum Collaborations,

W.MING ART is a boutique art agency and consultancy founded in 2010 by Xiaoming Zhang. W.Ming Art represents artists for exhibitions and sales, as well as private purchases and art advisory services to both corporate and individual clients across the world. W.Ming has a tea of art advisors across Europe, the United States, and Asia; the firm specializes in Asian modern and contemporary artwork. W.Ming has three office locations: one in Beijing, one in Shanghai and one in New York.


Asia Art Collective

Location: Singapore

Years in the Industry: 2013 to present

Asia Art Collective is an art gallery and art consultancy specialising in Asian art as well as artist represention, sale and brokerage. The consultancy has hosted more than two hundred art exhibitions and represents a selective group of talented and highly collectible artists. Asia Art Collective are specialist with years of expertise in the local arts community. Whether you're thinking about starting an art collection or buying your first work of art, you can rely on them for expert advice



Michael Altman

Location: New York, USA

Years in the Industry: ***

Notable Projects: Hudson River School Collection, Church & Rothko Sublime, John Singer Sargeant

Altman Fine Art & Advisory, provides services in the areas of acquisition, deaccession, management, and long-term strategic planning for individual collectors and institutional collections. They give clients unique access to one-of-a-kind and rare paintings, drawings, and sculptures from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The consultancy specializes in the placement of large arworks by the Hudson River School, Impressionist, Post-Impressionist, as well as post-war, helping to enrich some of the world's most prestigious private and public collections.


Seydoux & Associés

Location: Paris, France

Years in the Industry: September 2012 to present

Notable Projects: Picasso's Nude, Green Leaves and Bust ($106 million sale) , Yves Saint Laurent Auction Chrities ( $226.7 million sales)

With the assistance of experts like Thomas Seydoux and his team, private collectors can rest assured that their artworks will be handled with the greatest care and professionalism. The advisory strives to strike the chord between the clients' priorities and the market's strengths at the time of sale or acquisition. The firm's goal is to give their customers expert advice on market possibilities, along with complete discretion and openness. Thomas Seydoux has completed several of the most important private deals on the global market since September 2012.


Baraka Consultants

Location: London, Germany & Switzerland

Notable Projects: Dealing of Claude Monet, Paul Cezanne, Edgar Degas,

Baraka Consultants are specialist in Impressionism, post war and modern art. Kristiane Barker, the company's founder, has a wide network of contacts throughout the art world and has successfully sold blue-chip paintings by various artists to collectors, galleries, and investors. She can also help private individuals and corporate clients in assembling their collections. Baraka Consultants has offices in London, Germany, and Switzerland, with a worldwide network of art professionals throughout the United States, China, Europe, and the Middle East.

17th - 19th Century European


Charles Beddington

Location: London, United Kingdom

Years in the Industry: 2000 to present

Notable Projects: Sale of Canaletto, Francesco Guardi, Jacob de Gheyn

The firm of Charles Beddington Ltd is a dealer and agent in Old Master Paintings based in Mayfair, London. They offer works from a variety of periods and movements, with a particular interest in Venetian view paintings.Charles Beddington was Christies London's 'Old Master Picture Department' head from 1983 until 1998. He served as a consultant for Christie's until May 2000. The company's academic background has a significant impact on its operations, with the majority of the works they sell being rediscoveries or new to the market.


Patrick Legant

Location: London, United Kingdom

Years in the Industry: 2011 to present

Patrick Legant is an art consultant who feels that an art advisor should assist his clients by giving them the clearest, most objective, independent, and competent advice available. His focus is to help collectors, purchasers, or sellers of art, navigate the complex art market, whether they're seasoned pros or brand new to the industry. He provides an impartial, specialized, and independent art consultancy service in the areas of the nineteenth and twentieth-century art, as well as German & Austrian Expressionism.


Goldsmith Art Advisory

Location: London, United Kingdom

Years in the Industry: 2003 - Present

Notable Projects: ***

Wendy Goldsmith has worked in the art market for over 20 years, having studied art history at Boston University. She joined Christie's 19th-century European Art department in London shortly after graduating. She was promoted to International Head of 19th-century European Art after working her way up from Christie's Youngest Director and Auctioneer, taking auctions for a number of departments throughout her career. She began working with major art collectors, museums, and galleries in 2003 through her own private consultancy when she returned to London.

She is now based in her Mayfair office, focusing on the sale and acquisition of Impressionist, Modern and Contemporary paintings and sculptures.



Location: United States & International

Years in the Industry: 2011 to present

Notable Projects: Old Master Consultancy

L. J. P. Morgan, launched GOLDHURST in 2011 with over a decade of art-world expertise under his belt. His foundation MO is to link and empower those who share his enthusiasm for collecting, consigning, and selling art without hassle or danger.

Goldhurst offers consultancy and access to European artworks from the Renaissance to the 1800s. This includes artists who fall within Gothic Art, the Early, High, and Northern Renaissance, Baroque, the Dutch "Golden Age," Rococo, Neoclassicism, and Romanticism. The term Old Master refers to a group of the most significant figures in Western art history, including Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Albrecht Dürer to Caravaggio, Rembrandt, and Jacques-Louis David.


Marco Bertoli

Location: Modena, Italy

Years in the Industry: 30+ years

Notable Projects: Collaboration with Christies, Head of department nineteenth century paintings Finarte

Marco Bertoli is the founder and managing partner of 'Marco Bertoli Art Consulting', as well as an art expert for more than three decades. Since 2005, he has worked with the Christie's auction house in New York and London, as well as other major national and international auction houses, on ancient and modern art and collectibles. From 2006 to 2010, he served as director of the department for nineteenth-century paintings at the Auction House Finarte, and from 2006 to 2008 he was a consultant for the Gotha, Biennial of Parma.


Chris Beetles Gallery

Location: ***

Years in the Industry: ***

Notable Projects: ***

By concentrating on traditional artworks from the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries, as well as remaining true to collecting British watercolours, oils, illustrations, cartoons, and figurative sculptures, the Beetles Gallery has carved out a successful niche for itself in the art world. With a wealth of experience and knowledge, Beetles Gallery art consultants with an extensive understanding of artworks from this period as well as being acutely aware of market trends across all genres so that they can recommend pieces that are likely to appreciate over time.

Prints & Multiples


HK Art Advisory

Location: Manhattan, New York

Years in the Industry: 30+ Years

Hamburg Kennedy Art Advisory + Projects (HK) is a well-known and reputable private art advisory firm that focuses on a highly personalized, client-centric approach to art investment. Their staff of specialists art consultants caters to seasoned collectors as well as those who are interested in getting started, with both market-savvy advice and customized, confidential assistance.


Pall Mall Art Advisory

Location: New York & London

Years in the Industry: 10+ years

Pall Mall Art Advisors (PMAA) provides strategic, long-term management of collectors' fine art and collectibles to both private clients and their financial and legal advisors. Their team understands the intricacy of owning, buying, and selling tangible assets better than anyone, allowing them to act as their clients' champions at all times.


Lougher Contemporary

Location: Bristol, United Kingdom

Years in the Industry: 2015 - Present

Notable Projects: Banksy, Invader & Damian hirst

Lougher Contemporary was founded in 2015 with a straightforward objective: to remove the layers of complexity from the art world and establish a place where anybody can buy a piece of art, whether as an investment or simply because they love it.

The feeling was that, for the past two decades, the art world has been hampered by a lack of transparency about pricing and authenticity guarantees. Their objective is to revolutionize things by making collectible art more accessible. Every piece of artwork they sell is genuine, certified, and produced by the artist or its foundation.


Maddox Gallery

Location: ***

Years in the Industry: 2015 - Present

Notable Projects: Basquiat, Stik, Retna, Warhol

Maddox Gallery, a new art gallery founded in 2015, has already established itself as an international force to be reckoned with in the world of contemporary and modern art. The company stands out as a dynamic and creative business with a strong love for this lucrative market. The gallery strongly feels that art is the best kind of investment and that it should be in everyone's investment portfolio, with Maddox Art Advisory clients have seen an annual return on investment of 26.6% over the last four years.

African Art


African Art Consultants

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Years in the Industry: 2017 - Present

African Art Consultants (AAC) are located in Johannesburg, South Africa. The firm handles work for clients throughout the country and abroad. AAC offers a discreet and professional service to collectors, both private and corporate, assisting them in starting, maintaining, and expanding their collections while decorating their spaces elegantly.

The expertise of the South African Collection extends to both contemporary and historic art, as well as works by international artists and African art that incorporates a variety of media. Paintings, sculptures, ceramics, unique graphics, prints and other works on paper are just a few of the thousands of items for sale.


Walker Scott

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Walker Scott Art Advisory specialises in modern and contemporary art, with a focus on art from the African continent and its diaspora.

They assist their clients in selecting the best quality artworks created by talented artists. Their guidance is unbiased as they navigate their clients through the multifaceted acquisition processes to assemble art portfolios that can become an alternative asset class.



Years in the Industry: 2006 - Present

Notable Projects: Impartfair

Lasmara is an art consultancy that specializes in contemporary African art. They provide a variety of specialised artistic services, from commissioning artists to locating pieces and creating investment strategies as well as organising exhibitions.

They have a large database of artists, with both well-established and up-and-coming talent. While specialising in African art they work with clients, galleries, and art houses all over the world.

American Art


American Art Advisors

Location: New Jersey, USA

Years in the Industry: 20+ years

The most people-friendly art experts in the often pretentious world of auctions are Les and Sue Fox of American Art Advisors.

With decades of expertise and many key associates in the business. You may count on the Foxes to tell you all you need to know about your 19th and 20th century American paintings. They'll also assist you in getting the most money for your work by providing a Guaranteed Cash Advance before the sale.


McDougall Fine Arts

Location: Massachusettes, USA

Mcdougall Fine Arts have been involved in buying and selling art since the mid-1960's. The initial focus was marine paintings, which evolved into American impressionism, with a major focus on Cape Ann artists. McDougall Fine Art also focuses on American Realism, Cape Ann Artists, Artists of The Boston School and a number of other American genres.



Hamiltons Gallery

Location: Mayfair, London

Years in the Industry: 1977 - Present

Notable Projects: ***

Hamiltons is one of the world's longest-standing photography galleries and is located on Carlos Place in Mayfair, behind a red brick façade and adjacent to the Connaught Hotel. Recognisd as one of London's finest art galleries since 1977, Hamiltons has been crucial in the development of many important photographers' primary and secondary markets. Over the years it has solidified its position as one of the world's few galleries specialized in works by contemporary masters of photography.


Michael Hoppen Gallery

Location: London, United Kingdom

Years in the Industry: 1992 - Present

The Michael Hoppen Gallery was established in 1992 and is devoted to photograpy. As a gallery, they are known for supporting the breakthroughs of young and innovative artists while simultaneously showcasing them alongside well-known nineteenth, twentieth, and twenty-first-century photographic masters. They've been sharing more online for some time, and the pandemic has accelerated this process. They are constantly seeking new and creative ways to share the beautiful work held in their archives.


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