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Commissioning Art

When looking to commission art or commission a painting, the process of art commissions can seem complicated. Understandably, many questions arise for clients about how to commission art. Where is the best place to commission art, and how to find an artist? Is it possible to commission art online? What are typical painting commission prices?

When working with clients, Artelier’s role as art consultants is understanding the clients vision for their art commission, and then finding a suitable artist to fulfil it. Our art consultants project manage the art commission, ensuring that the custom artwork is delivered seamlessly. Sharing our extensive experience in this field, our art consultants give tips on how to commission art and paintings, and answer common questions.

What are art commissions?

An artwork commission is when a client or art consultant approaches an artist to make a custom artwork specially for them, rather than buying an artwork that the artist had already created. When you commission a piece of art, you collaborate with the artist to develop ideas for the artwork – you may have a vision in mind, a purpose for commissioning art, or an intended place for the art commission, and you communicate this to the artist. The artist then creates custom art based on your preferences.

When commissioning a painting, this allows great flexibility in terms of style, colours, and subject matter. For instance, a painting commission can bring together the colour scheme of a room, or be inspired by a theme that you are interested in. The process for commissioning a painting is similar to commissioning a work of art like a sculpture, mural or installation. After finding an artist you love and making contact, you discuss ideas for the art commission, keep communication throughout the process, and eventually receive a custom artwork.

Who can commission art?

Anyone who can source an artist who is suitable for their needs can reach out to them and discuss ideas. These could be private clients who want to source something for their homes, or businesses – such as hotel art commissions, corporate art commissions, public art commissions, and art for interior designers and developers.

How do I choose art for my project?

Before approaching an artist with an art commission, it is essential to evaluate your ideas and refine your vision. Understand why you want the artwork and what you want to achieve with the art commission, and consider how to communicate this to the artist when commissioning art.

It is essential to reflect on the artist’s previous art commissions – are there similar art commissions in their portfolio which you can reference, to better communicate what art you would like? For instance, if commissioning a painting, pick artworks from their previous work which match the style or techniques you like. Think about colour palettes or contemporary painting styles that you are drawn to, and show the artist these for reference.

Remember that commissioning art is an investment and a truly unique process – not simply purchasing décor. Artwork commissions, when done correctly, offer much more than off-the-shelf decoration. Use the opportunity for developing a custom artwork, and stick away from fads or fashions that are found online, as these do not age well with time.

How to commission art?

These steps are essential for artist commissions, be that to commission a painting, sculpture. mural, or installation:

  1. Refine your vision – evaluate what you want from your art commission and find references

  2. Research the market – broaden your knowledge of art practices, and find several options for artists

  3. Identify a suitable artist – ensure they are available, experienced and capable of meeting your needs for the art commission