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Artelier's Framing Consultancy - Coming Soon

We are pleased to announce that Artelier will be launching our new framing service in January.

Our curatorial expertise when commissioning artworks for projects also involves careful consideration for the final presentation of the work. We appreciate how well-chosen finishing touches can elevate a piece in its space, and our framing consultancy will build upon our existing experience in this process.

Artelier has been providing framing consultancy for many years as part of our end-to-end services, and we are pleased to now bring our knowledge and insight into a new, fully comprehensive range of framing.

The personal attention we provide in our framing consultancy is valued by private collectors we have worked with, who are looking to re-frame a significant art collection with tailor-made frames.

The framing consultancy also has a strong focus on the interior design industry, providing bespoke ranges for large-scale developments as well as high-end luxury residential and yacht projects.

Social responsibility and fair trade is integral to our business ethos. As part of our range, we have developed a collection of frames crafted from sustainably sourced wood, including Welsh oak, and completed with natural stains and finishes.

As a champion for supporting traditional craft and techniques, we specially work with framers who continue using artisan methods, such as working with gesso and gold leaf. Our commitment to promoting artisans and their craft is central to our values, and we look forward to expanding the reach of their specialist skills.

Our new framing consultancy will be fully launched soon, with further announcements to follow.


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