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A View inside Luxury: Be Inspired by These 3 Private Jet Interiors

Privat Jet Interiors | Artelier Art Consultancy

The most luxurious private jet interiors can be a source of interest for many people around the world, Sam Chui a popular YouTuber, focuses exclusively on filming these interiors and garners up to 30 million views per video. Though this world evokes much fascination, serious consideration about which interiors to get is reserved for the select few who can afford it. The most luxurious private jets have been equipped with all of the amenities and comforts that one would expect from a 5-star hotel suite. This would include a master bedroom, luxurious bathrooms with walk-in showers, a full bar and kitchen and even at times, a dishwasher.

David Velupillai - Marketing Director for Airbus Corporate Jet, says his billionaire clients describe this as a 'better way to fly'. He explains that ' In a traditional business jet you tend to take your seat and stay in it throughout the flight because it is awkward to move around. In an aircraft like an Airbus Corporate Jet you can get up, talk to a group of people - the difference is between flying and living in an aircraft.' Indeed many people who experience this type of luxury for the first time describe it as 'a flying palace'.

Though many of these private jets will be equipped with only the best amenities, these can vary depending on the size and type of jet. Here is a deep dive into some of the exclusive features that you can expect from your private jet interior.


Private Jet Bedrooms

Privat Jet Interiors | Artelier Art Consultancy

Depending on your budget, a bedroom in a private jet can vary from a very comfortable reclining chair which can be made into a flat mattress to a full-on private suite. Either way, the comfort will be far superior to a traditional airline. Most private jets won't have a king-sized bed, but they will have much more space and privacy for sleeping.

Which private jets have bedrooms or flatbeds?

Light Jets and Turbo Aircrafts

These types of jets are designed for short flights of between 2 - 3 hours, with extra comfortable reclining seats and more privacy, they are a major upgrade from the uncomfortable cabin seats on a crowded plane. Though you will still have to snooze in your seat it is often fully reclining and extremely comfortable. The popular Phenom 300 has seats that recline fully into a flatbed position.

Medium and mid-sized jets

These types of aircraft are for slightly longer flights between 5 to 6 hours, the standard for these types of planes is to offer slightly more space with fully reclining seats that convert into a flatbed, the cabin crew can prepare this in advance with linens, based on the needs of the passengers.

Long-range and ultra-long-range jets

These types of aeroplanes have been designed for long-haul flights, travelling across continents for 10+ hours and are therefore often equipped with all the comforts and amenities. Fully reclining seats are included for all the passengers and a VIP master suite is provided for the guest of honour to be enjoyed much like a hotel bedroom.

Vip airliners

At the very top of the food chain are bespoke private jet built from commercial size aircrafts such as the Boeing business jets. These types of aircraft often make headlines for their decadent interiors, fitted with permanent master bedrooms, full ensuite bathrooms with walk-in showers and personal chef.


Private Jet Bathrooms

Privat Jet Interiors Bathroom | Artelier Art Consultancy

There is as much variety in size and comforts when it comes to private jet bathrooms as there are types of aeroplanes. Smaller jets that are usually used for shorter charters will feature small private enclosed lavatories. Larger jets used for long-haul flights tend to have larger bathrooms and can even feature walk-in showers.

For longer flights between 9 - 12 hours, it is expected to have additional space to what will be found on a shorter charter. Larger bathrooms can be equipped with toilet, basin, natural light and walk-in showers as well as freshly pressed towels and bathrobes.

When it comes to VIP airliners, these can be highly customised to meet the demand of the client and so the sky really is the limit as to what can be done. It is not uncommon for these types of crafts to feature more than one bathroom or to have unique designs. In the image above the walls have been specially designed by artists from our Artist Walls for this type of interior.


Private Jet Dining Area

Privat Jet Dining Area | Artelier Art Consultancy

Private Jet Food

No in-flight experience would be complete without delicious food and drinks. Catering in private jets is a very different experience to that of commercial airlines. All private jet charters can cater to all types of diets and will always check with the guests prior to the flight. Smaller jets for shorter flights of 2 - 3 hours will opt for smaller simpler cold dishes such as sandwiches, cheese boards fresh fruit and deserts. While long charters can even include a private chef preparing fresh meals onboard.

The dinning experience depends entirely on the size and decadence of the aircraft itself, many smaller jets will still require you to eat from your seat, while others may include full dining rooms. VIP airline menus can feel like a unique Michelin star dining experience costing an average of $1000 per head just for the catering while a first-class meal in a commercial airline would cost the airline itself $28 per head.


How much is a private jet?

Private Jet Airport

Renting a private jet

There are two ways to gain access to a private jet, either through a membership or charter program where you simply pay for the use of the plane or by actually owning a private jet. Anyone with the right budget can hire a private jet and the industry saw a boom during the Covid - 19 pandemic due to a rise in demand from middle-class families in need of essential travel. In the UK an internal flight between cities can cost around £2700 for a 40-minute journey. Long-range private jet charters for the same amount of time can cost anything from £8000 - £15000 depending on the size of the plane and the number of passengers.

Purchasing a Private Jet

If you are experienced with chartering a plane and are instead looking to make a purchase, a small model would cost anything from £1.45 to £2 million a mid-sized jet can cost just under £10 million and the largest aeroplanes which feature all the amenities and luxuries such as the Gulfstream G650 can cost £48 million.


Private jets are an incredible luxury that can be enjoyed by anyone with a starting budget of £3000. Constant innovation in the amenities and comforts of these flying palaces means that the wealthiest of travellers are experiencing a 'new way to travel'. Some of the most VIP of these guests can enjoy a full nights sleep in a king-size bed, walk-in showers and Michelin star catering all while travelling to their desired destination. Here at Artelier, we work exclusively with clients of private jets to provide the most beautiful artworks to decorate your cabin interior, find out more about our work with private jets here .

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