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14 Feature Wall Ideas For Luxury Bedroom Design

With the explosion of Instagrammable mural designs as well as Pinterest worthy wallpaper, having a unique feature wall integrated into your space is going to be a big part of the interior design trends of 2023. At Artelier we have teamed up with a selection of world-class artists and craftsmen to produce one of a kind feature walls. Here is our list of the top 15 bedroom feature wall designs from our Artist Walls collection.

1. The Gold Mural - Artelier is working in collaboration with artist Michelle Gagliano to produce these hand-painted feature walls which are made of natural pigment and gold leaf. These murals are eye-catching while still blending into the space they occupy.


2. The Woven Abstract - This mural features sweeping shapes that reflect light and float through the

air like metallic veils, winding around and overlaying each other. The pop of colour

works well in an otherwise muted bedroom.


3. Bronze and Porcelain - The artist of this feature wall draws on the natural landscape that traces back to earth before civilisation when the planet existed purely as a geological phenomenon. Working with raw natural materials such as bronze and porcelain he arrives at a refined and luxurious aesthetic.


4. The Textured Abstract - This textured abstract is perfectly suited for a more moody, masculine

design. This feature wall breaks up the wooden texture of the room adding interest, colour and textures. This design would work particularly well for a boutique hotel aesthetic.


5. The Grey and Gold - This feature wall has been designed to be a subtle, calm and luxurious experience reflecting the palette and atmosphere of the room. Working closely with our artists on each project we can carefully adapt the walls to reflect their environment.


6. Suede Silk & Leather - Renowned for her couture-standard work and exquisite detailing, which

alludes to Saville Row tailoring. The artist describes her work as “tailoring for walls”, which effortlessly

brings together fashion and interiors.


7. Woven Wire - From a distance, the works of this artist appear to be finely executed abstract

paintings. However, on closer inspection the viewer can see the thin aluminium wire that fills the

canvas, creating lush forms and fields. The design is unique in a bedroom environment whilst not

overtaking the space.


8. Nuno Silk - This feature wall was made using an ancient textile technique known as Nuno Silk. The

artist blends natural wool, mohair, merino fibres and silk by hand. Through a gentle washing process,

the wool fibres open and become meshed with the silk, transforming the separate raw materials into

one lightweight non-woven fabric.


9. The Monochrome Abstract - This mural features sweeping monochrome shapes, this artist often works large scale and has been featured across many luxury hotels and residences worldwide. If you enjoy a

reduced palette or minimalist design then this may be a great option.


10. The Classical Scene - Using traditional embroidery skills the team of artists behind this design can create classical scenes that reflect perfectly the aesthetic of your room. A great option if

you are after classical and timeless luxury.


11. The Textured Mural - If you are more interested in exploring raw materials and textures then

this feature wall made of pigments and gold leaf is a great option. The artist has perfected her craft over many years and has a great understanding of the gilding process.


12. The Hand Carved Wood - This Unique design is made of wood that is hand-carved by a French

artist living and working in Burgundy. The intricate pattern and raw materials give an eco-chic look and feel to the bedroom.


13 Gold leaf Mount Fuji - This mountain mural was hand-painted by one of our artists for a bedroom

inside a superyacht. The gold leaf was applied by hand and the design was developed in collaboration

with the owner.


14. Abstract Mural - Last but certainly not least we have this extra subtle feature wall which blends

perfectly into the space it occupies. If you are after subdued luxury then this might just be the perfect

design for your bedroom.


Adding a unique feature wall to your bedroom doesn't have to be complicated, and can truly enhance your living space. Working in collaboration with artists in all genres and styles we can design something for you that is completely bespoke and that reflects the current design aesthetic of your home. If you are

interested in discovering more you can visit our Artist Walls page or simply get in touch!


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