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How to Commission Art for TV Roller Screens

As yacht art consultants, Artelier specialises in curating artwork collections for luxury yachts. As well as sourcing contemporary art by leading global artists, we also collaborate with artists to create custom art commissions tailored to the yacht interior.

Many of Artelier's clients look to stretch the possibilities of bespoke artwork for yachts, leading us to develop a solution for a specific context – commissioning artworks that discretely conceal blank television screens.

While the use of TV rollers aboard yachts has been a growing trend, Artelier has pioneered featuring collectable contemporary artists in this context, and demonstrated the benefits of commissioning new artworks to give a truly personalised element to yacht interiors.

Combining our expertise in sourcing artists with our technical knowledge, we offer a turn-key product and oversee the project from commission to installation. This has led many yacht art project clients to specially request this feature.

This level of customisation pushes the artistic boundaries for TV rollers, introducing a range of materials that go beyond those more commonly used for rollers. Rather than being limited to simply printed works, Artelier can source hand-painted, gilded, collage, screen-printed and mixed media pieces that are adapted for use on TV rollers.

Pioneering Technical Solutions

We work alongside the commissioned artist to develop solutions for how to adapt these more sophisticated mediums for rolling down the front of television screens.

The rollers or sliding panels are developed specially for each project, and a key consideration is the risk of wear and tear from continuously rolling the artwork. We therefore have researched and developed specialist canvases and mediums to ensure the longevity of the artwork.

A key benefit of commissioning these unique pieces is that their roller mechanisms have been specifically designed to make artworks removable. The artworks can therefore be re-stretched for use in a more conventional context if the client moves on.

Whilst TV rollers are well established features of yacht interiors, many of Artelier's clients working on land-based projects have been keen to include them in their high-end residential and luxury hotel projects. As part of our role as art consultants, we liaise closely with interior contractors, yacht yards, and aviation completion centres to deliver art for TV rollers.

Artelier has also developed specialist roller artworks for the aviation industry. Having researched canvases and paint mixtures that have been fully certified, we ensure the artworks can be integrated into the aircraft cabin interior.

A Portfolio of Artists for Diverse Clients

Understanding a client's desire for personalised art that suits their own interests and tastes, Artelier has developed a wide portfolio of international contemporary artists working across a range of styles and media. Equally important to us is offering our clients artworks that are collectable in their own right.

While TV rollers are an unconventional context for collectable art, they are no exception to our commitment to sourcing art tailored to the preferences of clients. The artists in our portfolio who have previously produced pieces for TV rollers work across a range of mediums and styles – from more bold and abstract, to figurative and impressionistic.

In the initial stages of a project, we research and propose a selection of recommended artists in keeping with the desired style. Since we undertake extensive research for each project, we can accommodate different requirements and budgets.

When collaborating with yacht designers on TV rollers, as art consultants we also carefully consider the overall interior design scheme, suggesting artworks that are in keeping with the colour palette of the space, or following a specific theme.

In addition to hand-painted artworks, we can offer a range of photographic prints to suit more budget-orientated projects. These prints are nonetheless still collectable, and represent the work of esteemed international photographers.

As it is unusual to apply photographic prints to TV rollers, Artelier's art consultancy offers the necessary expertise to reproduce the prints on rollable surfaces, while maintaining a high-end finish.

Our experience gives us a knowledge of the appropriate canvases for such projects, and sourcing the highest quality specialist ink to produce vivid and durable colour.

Previous and Current Projects

Due to its centrality in many spaces, a large television screen offers the ideal placement for a striking and cherished work of art. Artelier has provided TV rollers for many yacht art projects – with notable examples including M/Y Dilbar (156m), M/Y Plvs Vltra (78m), and M/Y Aurora Borealis (67m) – as well as residential developments and aircraft cabins.

Currently, we are consulting a private client who wishes to source the highly valuable work of a contemporary Japanese waterscape painter for use on TV rollers in the Main Salon, Sky Lounge and Owner's Suite of a yacht. Investment art is perfectly suited to being displayed on TV rollers, since the canvas is easily removable – allowing the work to be enjoyed as a centrepiece, but ensuring its adaptability to new contexts long term.

To learn more about Artelier's art consultancy services, and our process for commissioning art more broadly, please visit our Art Consultancy homepage. Further examples of our yacht art projects can be found on our Yacht page.

Images courtesy of Artelier © and Winch Media.


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