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Artelier Curation: A Sculptural Installation for Corporate HQ

As corporate art consultants, Artelier specialises in curating art for luxury residences, yachts, and corporate contexts. As well as sourcing contemporary art by leading global artists, we also collaborate with artists to create custom art commissions tailored to the project.

Recycling company Olleco recently commissioned a sculpture for the main atrium of their company headquarters. Artelier was tasked with identifying and commissioning an artist whose work was in line with Olleco's ethos of recycling and renewal, and could portray these values in a bespoke artwork.

As part of our end-to-end corporate art consultancy services, we conducted initial art market research into various artists who engaged with the brief's theme of recycling. We were keen to find artists who incorporated these concepts in both their choice of material, and their inspiration.

Through careful selection, we created proposals for Olleco, including artists who consciously worked with sustainable materials, and who presented the process of renewal in their art in original ways.

The client was especially keen on Artelier's recommendation of the work of artist duo Juliet and Jamie Gutch, who create delicate and refined suspended mobiles. As the artwork would take a prominent position in the company headquarters, having a moving sculptural installation would be a captivating focal point.

We commissioned the artists to create a sculpture that specifically responded to Olleco's ethos. The mobile specially designed for Olleco was a symbolic interpretation of recycling, where the elements of the mobile continuously evolve into new forms.

In addition, the artists responded to the mobile's context by incorporating Olleco's company logo into the design. The logo itself takes inspiration from the endless form of the Mobius loop, and therefore further signifies the process of recycling.

For this installation, the artists deconstructed the logo so that its components constantly reform into new shapes and forms. While occasionally the logo may form by chance, as the mobile is three-dimensional and constantly in motion, the resemblance is fleeting – emphasising within the artwork the process of regeneration and transformation.

To learn more about our corporate art consultant services and our process for commissioning bespoke artworks, visit our Art Consultancy homepage. Further examples of our public art projects can be found on this dedicated page.


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