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Artelier Curation: A Yacht Art Collection for M/Y Zazou, 65m

Delivered in 2021 and unveiled at Monaco Yacht Show 2021, M/Y Zazou (65m) is an exquisite achievement by Benetti. Artelier commissioned and curated a full turnkey art collection specially for M/Y Zazou.

The interior was crafted by Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design. Sinot's Paul Costerus explains the design concept: "I like to think of the interior as a musical composition. When you hear it for the first time you like it, but when you listen to it for a second time you start to hear another instrument or a chord that you didn't hear before. If you walk on board Zazou you will notice that it's an embracing atmosphere. When you sit down you will start to discover all the little details which make the boat rich and luxurious." (quoted by Boat International)

Take a look inside the turnkey artwork collection, with pieces specially commissioned by Artelier. The art collection drew on the influence of art history's masters, whose work is made fresh by contemporary European artists.

Large-scale ink paintings reference the hazy blend of water and sky on the horizon, capturing the essence of being at sea.

Contemporary paintings are inspired by mid-century Spanish artists, combining simplicity of line with dynamic abstract compositions.

The work of this contemporary wood artist is deeply influenced by modernist sculptors, such as Brancusi. Its twisting forms celebrate the materiality of wood, utilising the wood grain to create subtle surface variety.

Working in metal, this monumental wall art piece creates a vision of landscapes beyond the window – blending the distinction between the yacht and nature.

Unusual black porcelain sculptures evoke streams of moving water, that conceal a pearl hidden within the ocean depths.

Modern masters like Miró are referenced in contemporary paintings, that bring a playful edge to the interiors.

Abstract paintings and small sculptures draw on the textures of the sea, from patterns on water surfaces to the treasures of the seabed.


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