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Artelier Case Study: The Sculptural Forms of Naoto Miyazaki

One of Japan's most sought after sculpture artists, Naoto Miyazaki has been creating art that is both contemporary and traditional. Born in 1978 in the Yamanashi prefecture, he began to pursue his passion for art while attending university in Tokyo. After graduating from Aoyama Gakuin University in Tokyo he began traveling from one place to another across Europe and Asia. Around this time the artist's interests shifted from contemporary art such as performances and installations to the more traditional medium of sculpture. Upon return , he set up his workshop in Tokyo, Japan where he is sculpting every day.

Naoto Miyazaki

Miyazaki studied clay modelling under Banzo Matsuura, (the accomplished Japanese sculptor) for 5 years before he passed away. Never having been educated at art school, nor having an interest in awards or acclaims, the purpose and focus of his activity has always been the study of form - as a way to ultimately reach his own beautiful and original form.

Artistic Approach

Naoto mainly works with plaster to create his unique sculptures. He starts by assembling the basic core shape and then proceeds to build with layers of plaster, shaving and adding layers over and over again until he arrives at a final form. Each piece is unique and built out of this gradual process of adding and taking away. Many of his works are monochromatic because he sees colours as just a way of emphasizing forms.

White Abstract Sculpture

Naoto Miyazaki is a sought-after artist who has provided his talent for some of the luxury hotels in Japan and abroad. His work can be shipped internationally and he specializes in both private residential and commercial projects, creating bespoke pieces as well as commissions.

An interest in printmaking

The artist also works with printmaking to try to compose pieces from a different perspective to sculpture, which adds a layer of interest to his work. The process, he says, is to first draw a sketch and then make plates for each colour out of cardboard. He then soaks small pieces of cloth with ink, acrylic or watercolour before rubbing them along the plates in different ways to add colours and textures one by one. Naoto uses traditional Japanese papers which have a soft and heavy texture, His works are monoprints and so are each one is unique and individual.

White and Beige Printmaking


If you are interested in Naoto's work please do not hesitate to get in touch. At Artelier we specialise in providing unique art to both commercial and private clients. We can provide a bespoke commission to fit your needs as well as take care of the international shipping, packaging and installation of the sculpture. If you would like to discover more of our artists visist our Artists Walls page.


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