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Vasso Fragkou


Working with the malleability of clay, Fragkou draws reference to the medium’s inherent fluidity, akin to water and ocean waves. Creating rhythmic overlapping and interwoven forms, the artist distils an essence of frozen movement in her sculptural pieces.


Balance and harmony are pivotal elements that are deeply rooted in the artist’s practice. For the artist, each artwork represents a spiritual space, an internal labyrinth of thought where peace and tranquillity can be encountered.

Example works & projects

Sample Artworks

To fully appreciate the subtle qualities of each artwork, the Artist has produced a small selection of sample artworks for our art consultancy, available to loan on request. 

Waves details.jpg
Installed III.jpg

About the Artist

Vasso Fragkou is a Greek artist, who has had international training in ceramic art. After completing a BA in Fine Arts & Technology (2005-2008) at Akto Art and Design, Athens, she studied at the Scuola d'Arte Ceramica Romano Ranieri in Italy, and completed an MA in Studio Ceramics at the University of Loughborough (2012).

Fragkou has exhibited widely across Greece as well as internationally, including London, Florence, Bornholm, Seoul and Dubai. Her work has been commissioned extensively by businesses and private collectors alike, from the GCC to Taiwan – of particular note are numerous hotel and spa commissions, such as the 5* Hotel Skyview in Dubai, UAE and the Minelska Resort in Greece.

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