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Providing turnkey art rental services, Artelier commissions & curates bespoke rental artworks for luxury development projects

Art Rental

As specialists in curating art for refined residences, Artelier offers bespoke art rental: original artworks by recognised artists that are tailor-made for the project, available for rent at a competitive price. 

Our Projects

Art Consultancy & Curation

Bringing curatorial expertise, each rental artwork package benefits from full art consultancy services and creative direction – resulting in an art collection that feels authentic and refined, as if selected by a private collector.

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Original & Made to Measure

Rental artworks are commissioned for the project, and are original pieces that are tailored to integrate with interiors and complement the design. Each is completed with a custom frame from our extensive range of fine art frames.

Turnkey Project Management

Artelier's team oversee each stage of the project, from  commissioning artists, to handling delivery and installation. Each piece is curated in situ with site visits and floor plan evaluation, ensuring premium presentation.  

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Contact our team for further details, our portfolio & art rental prices

Art Rental Case Studies

Having provided art rental services to prestigious developments such as One Hyde Park, Regent's Crescent & One Palm. 


Our curators share in depth case studies below for selected projects

Tailored Framing Solutions

Artelier's fine art framing services elevate the presentation of each artwork. Each frame from our extensive signature art framing collection evokes timeless elegance, with a contemporary feel. 

Enquire Now

When looking to complete an exceptional property, Artelier are brought onboard as a trusted partner for elevating the design with custom art.

Contact us & discover how we can tailor our services to you. 

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