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A selection of custom-made artisan frames, uniquely designed and developed for your artwork, entire collections, or projects.


A New Perspective on Framing Collections

Luxury custom art framing for interiors

Project Consultancy

Building on our expertise in curating and commissioning artworks, Artelier provides a comprehensive art framing consultancy tailored to individual artworks, investment collections or luxury projects. We work closely with clients to provide curatorial insight and turn-key project management.

As art consultants, we fully appreciate the subtleties of each artwork, and understand the importance of finesse in their final presentation. 

Bespoke & made-to-measure

Artelier has designed and developed a signature range of fine art frames, which can be made-to-measure and customised to suit your artwork, investment collection or project requirements. 

We can apply our expertise to create fully custom frames for specific artworks, investment collections and projects, from designing a specific profile through to specialist frame finishes. 

gold leaf gilding custom frame
ornate custom art frames for interiors

Craftsmanship & Sustainability

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Central to Artelier's ethos is championing artisans who have a deep understanding of their materials and traditional art framing techniques, such as plaster work and gilded frames. 

Important to Artelier's art framing range is a commitment to sustainable practices, and an appreciation of the inherent qualities of natural materials – such as our range of sustainably sourced Welsh oak frames with natural dyes. Read more about frames and sustainability.

Discover our Frames

A curated range of made-to-measure frames in a variety of profiles & finishes



A bespoke range of frames specially 
designed & crafted by Artelier 



Fully custom frames conceived & crafted uniquely for you

Fully Custom-Made

Frame Collections

Case Studies

Artelier has extensive experience of developing and delivering custom art framing solutions for a variety of projects, including art frames for yachts, residential developments, luxury hotels, museums and contemporary art galleries. 

Frame Finder

If you are looking for something in particular, use our Frame Finder to filter our full collection by finish, size and price

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