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Experimental Archeology:
Reflections on Language, Architecture and Machines 
with Mounir Fatmi

© Ken Kato

In the Studio


Born in 1970, Tangier, Morocco, Mounir Fatmi lives and works between Paris, Lille and Tangier.


By using materials such as antenna cable, typewriters and VHS tapes, Mounir Fatmi elaborates an experimental archeology that questions the world and the role of the artist in a society in crisis. He twists its codes and precepts through the prism of a trinity comprising Language, Architecture and Machine.  Thus, he questions the limits of language and communication while reflecting upon these obsolescent materials and their uncertain future.


Though they represent key moments in our contemporary history, these technical materials also call into question the transmission of knowledge and the suggestive power of images and criticise the illusory mechanisms that bind us to ideologies as well as the collapse of our industrial and consumerist civilisation. These works consist in a reflection upon the history of technology and its influence on popular culture, thus associating these obsolete materials with the creation itself.

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Selection of Artworks

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