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4 Tips for Curating Luxury Superyacht Art

When designing a luxury yacht interior, a key component to consider is the art that you will select to complement the space. Carefully selected pieces can elevate the interior by adding elements of luxury while surprising and delighting the owner and their guests. Art that is selected for yacht interiors has to be a careful consideration between the design of the interiors, the owners personal tastes and what is feasible for life at sea. Here at Artelier, we have extensive experience researching, sourcing and installing art for luxury yachts, working closely with design partners as well as yacht owners to arrive at their desired aesthetic.

When it comes to yacht interior design, innovation, expansion, and change are the keys to keeping clients happy. The superyacht owner is in the 1% of the 1% having already acquired the best houses, the best cars and the best toys, purchasing a yacht is therefore a logical next step.

Yacht designer Jonny Horsefield explains that innovation in the industry is fast, stemming from a healthy level of competition between yacht owners. Art can be a great way of setting a yacht apart, adding an element of refinement and bringing the owners unique personal tastes to the design. Below we will discuss key ways art can set a yacht apart.


1. Having Focal Points of Interest

Superyacht Artwork | Artelier Art Consultancy

When working with clients we have often used art to create focal points of interest in the interiors, adding unexpected moments of luxury whilst seamlessly blending into the space. Focal points are the

the first place viewer's eyes should land when entering, allowing an opportunity to showcase a unique piece that complements the room.

In the Aurora Borealis (67.6m) a special TV Roller artwork was selected for the main salon, (pictured above), hiding the television which could still be the focal point of the space when in use.

Superyacht Sculpture | Artelier Art Consultancy

In cloud 9 (74m) a series of semi circular wooden sculptures were commissioned. The circular shape mirrored the design of the table beneath whilste drawing the viewer in.

The sculptures were also reminiscent of nautical symbols, perfectly echoing their environment. These sculptures were carefully positioned as focal points of interest.


2. Choosing textures that reflect the environment

Superyacht Installation | Artelier Art Consultancy

Working with leading artists that use a wide variety of material, we can source pieces that echo the environment of life at sea. The sculpture featured above was commissioned from one of the world's most established glass artists. Considered a master in his field, he created this unique flowing sculpture to mirror the movement of water. Incorporating fluid water like textures into a yacht interior would be a unique way of reflecting the movement of the ocean.

Superyacht Spa Interiors | Artelier Art Consultancy

For the sauna of the M/Y Plvs Vltra (74m) a contemporary artist was commissioned to create bespoke hand-carved wall hanging piece. The material was carefully chosen to reflect the wooden texture of the sauna.

The adhesives and wood finishes were also selected due to their suitability for protecting the artwork against heat and potential water exposure, ensuring the artwork was hardwearing.


3. Combining luxury with convenience

As clients look for ways to make their superyachts feel more unique, a balancing act occurs betweem luxury and convenience. The trend of TV rollers aboard yachts has helped to maximise limited wall space, taking this trend to another level meant incorporating works of collectable contemporary artists giving a truly unique feel to the space.

Artelier oversaw the whole process from commissioning, to installation of the artworks, considering the technical aspect of incorporating art into the mechanisms of the roller.


4. Making art feel part of the space

Superyacht Mural Mount Fuji | Artelier Art Consultancy

As part of our Artist Walls collection, a feature wall was incorporated into the master bedroom of an Amels superyacht. The mural - a 6m gold leaf painting of the views of Mount Fuji was delicately hand painted by a contemporary artist. The gold leaf created an atmosphere in the room that shimmered in the first rays of the morning sun and twinkled with the last golden light of sunset creating an immersive experience.

Superyacht Wall Sculpture | Artelier Art Consultancy

In another part of the yacht hand-carved wooden sculptures were incorporated into the enclave. The design of the sculptures was made to subtly echo the textures and characteristics of marine life and seashells.

The placement of the artwork was also carefully considered to avoid any type of danger amidst the movement of the ocean.


Selecting art for a superyacht depends on the design of the interiors, the owners preferences and the safety considerations of placing precious artworks in a moving boat. Well-selected pieces can elevate the interior, adding elements of luxury while giving a unique aesthetic to the yacht. If you are seeking assistance with the selection of your artworks, please do not hesitate to get in touch. With a database of over 5000 artists we can curate something completely bespoke for your project.


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