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Artelier Launches Art Framing Consultancy

A New Perspective on Framing

Building on our expertise in curating and commissioning artworks, Artelier now provides a comprehensive framing consultancy tailored to luxury projects. ​

Offering a newly developed and highly bespoke range of frames, our extensive collection is suitable for both private collections and large-scale projects alike.

The Collection

The carefully curated Classic Collection is ideally suited to larger projects, and provides a vast level of choice in profiles and premium finishes. Each frame is custom made and tailored to the project, while still offering competitive pricing and lead time. 

Our Signature Collection features a range of frames which have been specially designed and created by Artelier. From contemporary and minimal designs, to artisan profiles that are hand-crafted using traditional techniques, the collection includes solid metal frames, bespoke gold leaf detail, and specialist woods available in a range of natural finishes.

A Commitment to Sustainability

Integral to our ethos is a commitment to sustainable practices, and an appreciation of the inherent qualities of natural materials. This approach is fundamental to our framing consultancy, and is realised in the carefully selected woods and dyes used throughout the collection.

Our range of woods – including Oak, Walnut, Cherry, Ash, Zebrano and African Maple – are responsibly sourced and certified as sustainable.

We have also developed specialist natural dyes and waxes to complement the woods' distinctive qualities, and highlight the variations in their grain.

Bespoke and Made-to-Measure Framing

As art specialists, we fully appreciate the subtleties of each artwork, and understand the importance of finesse in their final presentation. 

In a recently completed project, a listed Belgravia property required frames that were made-to-measure in order to fit neatly into the panelling of each room, as well as integrated framing for bedroom headboards.

We applied our specialist knowledge to meticulously match each frame's woods and finishes to the interior design scheme and the artworks. Gold leaf detailing further highlighted the finishes of the rooms, as well as complementing the gold accents within the paintings. 

Elsewhere in the property, we developed super-slim solid brass frames for artworks: a style that suited the elegant and modern surroundings, and enhanced the coherence of the artwork with the overall scheme.

To learn more about our new framing consultancy, visit our Framing Home Page for an introduction to the Collections and our services.


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