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Artelier Case Study: Discover MJ Atelier's Bas Relief Sculpture Wall Art

MJ Atelier run by Maria Apelo Cruz and husband Mike Jovanovic is a studio that hand makes large

scale bas relief sculptural wall art. Based in Los Angeles but working internationally the studio has

worked for such clients as Warner Bros, HBO and Dreamworks as well as some of the best interior

designers in the industry. Maria Apelo Cruz and her team are at the forefront of innovative custom

made wall coverings and have partnered up with us here at Artelier to offer these designs


Mj Atelier Plaster Relief

Maria Apelo Cruz is highly trained in figurative old master painting and sculpture techniques, her

designs often being traditional motifs such as florals, tropical leaves, and perched peacocks. The

plaster relief technique used gives a subtle three-dimensional texture to an otherwise flat surface.

Mj Atelier Plaster Wall Art


Patented Plaster Relief Technique

MJ Atelier has developed a patented plaster relief technique which means that her team can work in

the studio and ship the wall coverings worldwide. Because rolled plaster cracks, traditional plaster

workers would have had to be standing within the project site to create this kind of bas-relief artwork.

The new innovative technique has meant that the work can be carried out in the studio and then

rolled up and shipped internationally, without having to be standing on site for weeks or months

creating the work.

Mj Atelier Plaster Wall Art

Her design style can adapt to any home interior but lends itself particularly well to traditional homes. If

you enjoy that classical timeless aesthetic the team has extensive experience in creating this type of



Mj Atelier Plaster Wall Art

Kips Bay Show House Installation

Behind the scenes, this oversized wall covering was prepared in the studio featuring an abstract

design in midnight blue with gold gilding. The wall covering was completely rollable and could be

transported and installed in one piece onto the stairwell it was designed for.

Mj Atelier Plaster Wall Art

The final design fit perfectly into its environment custom-designed to mirror the carpet and spiral stairwell of the 2017 Kips Bay show house - an exclusive interior design showcase that takes place every year in the United States.

Mj Atelier Plaster Wall Art

For the 45th annual Kips Bay Show House MJ Atelier opted for this black and white design, you can see

here the beautifully detailed work, each flower petal was hand applied. Because every design is bespoke

and custom-fitted to the space, the studio can work with homeowners and interior designers to arrive

at their desired aesthetic

Mj Atelier Plaster Wall Art


Artelier has partnered up with MJ Atelier to offer these bespoke wall coverings internationally to

interior designers, hotels or homeowners. If you are interested in a design by MJ Atelier please do not

hesitate to get in touch to discuss your ideas.

Watch the video below to see some behind the scenes images of MJ Atelier and her team at work:


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