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The industry's best Art Consultants by Region

Finding an art consultant for a project can be a difficult task. There are art consultants that specialise in specific types of art such as modern or contemporary art and then there are those that are focused on finding art to fit within the interior design of a space and so will adapt accordingly. It is important to know what type of art consultant you need and whether they have an area of specialism or not.

The art consultants featured in this article have a great track record of providing art for all types of clients and industries. They have a finger on the pulse of the art world, a black book of international artists, are art historians in their own right and keep on top of the latest trends by visiting art fairs and reading about and researching emerging artists.

Lobby Art Mural

Image: Artelier Art Consultancy

What does an art consultant do?

An art consultant is an art expert whose knowledge, breadth of contacts and familiarity with the art world help collectors find art that is specific to their needs. The role can be varied and may include helping to build up a collection, working closely with an interior designer and architect, or undertaking art research on behalf of their client.

It is also important to note that art consultants are not art dealers. The difference is that art consultants will advise on art whereas art dealers will buy and then sell art for a profit. An art consultant will therefore be less invested in a specific artwork or artist and can more easily change direction to adapt to the changing nature of a project.

Art Consultants by region

In order to help you find art consultants local to your area of the world, we have listed the industry's best art consultants by region. Whether you are looking for art for a private collection, an art consultant to work alongside your team of interior designers or someone that specialises in a specific art genre, here is a list of the best art consultants from around the world.



Artelier Art Consultancy | David Knowles

Images: Artelier Art Consultancy


Location: United Kingdom & International


David Knowles is the founder of Artelier, an art consultancy which specialises in providing art for hotels, yachts and corporate as well as private residential projects. Taking into consideration the interior design of a project as well as the cultural and geographical location, Artelier will source art to fit within the design concept and vision of each project.

Artelier is well established in the art consultancy world with over 15 years of experience in sourcing art for private clients, interior designers and architects, working on some of the most prestigious projects internationally. Over the years Artelier has grown an extensive network of contacts as well as a database of over 15,000 artists in all genres and styles. The company has in recent years built up a reputation for its 'Artists Walls' collection. A carefully curated collection of artists able to work on large-scale unique murals.

Art Contact London | Art Consultancy

Art Contact

Location: United Kingdom


Art Contact is a art consultancy that provides art consulting services for private and corporate art collections, interior design projects as well as art fairs. Art Contact art consultants have a strong understanding of artists, their art practices and market trends.

Artiq Art

Location: United Kingdom


Artiq art consultants specialise in art consulting for private clients, interior designers and architects. Artiq is able to provide art advisory services across the UK as well as sourcing art internationally on behalf of their clients which includes hotels, banks and universities.

Luminaire Arts

Location: United UK


Luminaire art consultants are well established and can provide art consultancy services for interior designers, property developers and architects. Each artist is handpicked by the team, they put a particular emphasis on working with artists to adapt pieces to any size required for the project.

Louisa Warfield Art | Art Consultancy

Louisa Warfield Art

Location: United Kingdom


Louisa is an art consultant that can provide art sourcing, art hanging , art transport and organise installation. She works on a 1 to 1 basis with private clients, interior designers, art dealers and art institutions. Louisa provides creative advice on how to build a collection of contemporary art that will be functional in a private home or office space.

Image: Louisa Warfield Art

Art Acumen art

Location: United Kingdom


Art Acumen is a well-established art consultancy with over 20 years of experience arranging and commissioning art collections, creating bespoke art related events, and designing public monuments through public art initiatives. They collaborate with their clients and teams, distilling their collaborative discussions into powerful, memorable and inspiring briefs.

Art Eye art

Location: United Kingdom


Art eye has worked on private residences, gardens, landmark hotels and high-end commercial offices. They can help with a single artwork or an entire art collection. Art Eye’s art consultants also work closely with their clients in order to review an existing collection. Their art expertise can also help a client have a greater understanding of the art object, artist and origin.

Art Eye Art | Art Consultancy

Image Dais Contemporary

Dais Contemporary

Location: United Kingdom


Dais is an art consultancy with offices in the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Amsterdam. It specializes in commissioning, organizing and purchasing works of art for business, public, and private spaces. They collaborate with a large number of artists and galleries, drawing on over a decade of experience in the art world.



HB | Art Consultancy

Images: HB Art Consultancy

HB Art Consultancy

Location: Netherlands


HB Art Consultancy specializes in curatorial projects, unique exhibitions, commissions and art consultancy. They are experts in eighteenth-century art as well as contemporary art inspired by that period. The historical country houses and townhouses of Europe are often used for their exhibitions.

Velve Noir art

Location: Austria