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Art Consultancy and Curatorial Services

Our team of art consultants and curators provide art market research, investment guidance, curation, commissioning and project management.

an work in situ (Italy) CROP.jpg

Public Art

Large-scale art & architectural installations for public art that engages the community

Hotels  –  Corporate  –  Public



Complete onboard art collections & bespoke commissioning services for superyachts

Yachts  –  Residences  –  Aircraft

Artelier presents Artist Walls, a curated collection of exceptional contemporary artists working large-scale to create custom murals & feature wall art

Credit to Roman and Williams, an interior retro mid century shot from their New York residence project

Introducing Artelier’s “Art Concierge” service: a new approach to investing in art & building a personal collection .  


Receive comprehensive art advisory expertise, when working with our dedicated team of art advisors.

Artelier-JenniferNewman - 1.jpeg

Protecting the environment through

low-impact luxury art

Ethereal view.jpeg

Establishing the value of artists in

an age of mass-production

Artelier-AW-Finishes - 22.jpeg

Reviving ancient practices for contemporary contexts


"Artelier selected the perfect artist for our public art project. I have already recommended Artelier to colleagues for their outstanding work, and I eagerly anticipate collaborating with them on future projects."

Farhana Islam

Southern Housing Group

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