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Top 5 Ways to Incorporate Paper Art into Your Interior Space

"In my studio I am a collaborator, explorer and inventor. I begin with a system of folding and at a particular moment the material takes over. Guided by wonder, my work is made because I cannot visualize its final realization; in this way I come to understanding through curiosity."

Exquisitely hand-crafted, geometric, and hypnotic— one of our artist wall artists is making waves in 2023. His creations are remarkably versatile, a testament to the potential of even the most humble materials guided by skilled hands: paper. Each artwork emerges from a tapestry of inspirations, shaped intuitively as the artist allows the paper itself to dictate the precise folds, evolving into intricate sculptural masterpieces imbued with depth, colour, and elegance. Every paper sculpture he produces is a study in form, making his work dynamic, varied and ideal to elevate your interior design. From investing in a distinctive feature wall that captures every passerby's attention, to adorning your walls with smaller framed metallic pieces that introduce subtle glamour and vibrancy, the following article will provide valuable guidance.

Beyond his aesthetic allure, these geometric paper sculptures forge a unique connection with scientific exploration. Collaborating with the University of Michigan, the artist designs many of his pieces as conduits for the study of nanoscale phenomena—a realm that underpins the intricacies of cell division and the evolution of solar cells. Hence, his art serves as a visual bridge, spanning the chasm between creativity and scientific advancement.- making his work truly timeless.


Artelier Art Consultancy

Whether you're after luxury origami wall art to adorn your hotel space, or a 3D paper feature wall to embellish your corporate lobby, we can help. Here at Artelier, we have years of experience curating with this paper sculptor, including many other similarly highly-specialised artists for a range of clients and projects. Whether you find inspiration in the paper creations of this artist and wish to collaborate with them - or if you're in search of something different - we will take the time to carefully consider your aesthetic and budgetary needs. Get in touch with us for a free consultation.

A paper art feature for a hotel lobby, designed by artist Matt Shlian


1. Framed Paper Wall Art

A key consideration when it comes to decorating with paper art is durability. Framing is one of the most effective ways to ensure that paper wall art stays pristine from dust and curious fingers. When framed well, the frame should not overbear the aesthetics of the selected 3D wall art, but rather complement it, as is the case with the artworks by this artist below. The frame's subtle egg-shell colour pushes the crisp white of the work forward, accentuating its highly technical compositional elements. In this case, the frame complements the designs which are inspired by Islamic architecture (central), crafted through a meticulous process of nano folding. The framed piece appeals to minimalist lovers, and would be a sophisticated addition to a corporate or hotel space.


2. Statement Metallic Art Showpiece

Enigmatic and glamorous, metallic wall art captures attention effortlessly. These sleek, sculptural paper forms shimmer, gently transitioning between folds as they catch the light. Merging minimalism with pop art sensibilities, metallic art achieves the ideal balance between being a show-stopper and exuding sophistication, embracing both contemporary aesthetics and classic charm. Whether enhancing modern interiors or traditional spaces, abstract metal wall art seamlessly bridges the gap between bold expression and refined elegance. Its reflective surfaces interact with ambient light, crafting ever-changing visual displays throughout the day. This synthesis of artistry and allure positions 3D metal wall art as a versatile choice, infusing a range of rooms with intrigue and a touch of opulence.


3: Feature Wall

The adaptability of paper feature walls brings a transformative essence to an array of interior spaces. These walls effortlessly bridge the divide between functionality and artistic expression, rendering them a flawless fit for diverse surroundings. In domestic settings, a finely crafted paper feature wall can imbue living areas with a personality-infused touch, providing an exclusive backdrop that resonates with the occupants' style. Within corporate environments, such walls make resounding statements, fostering an atmosphere that mirrors innovation and creative contemplation. The allure of paper feature walls is especially advantageous within hospitality locales, as they welcome you with a symphony of texture, setting the tone for a truly immersive experience. Be it residences or workplaces, hotels or public art spaces, geometric paper wall art such as these emerge as a harmonious fusion of artistry and design, metamorphosing spaces into that which transcends the ordinary,


4. Statement Entryway

If you're looking to leave an impression on your guests or to invite contemplation and creativity in the workplace, a statement entryway piece is an ideal solution. These particular paper wall art designs are conveyed with remarkable finesse, particularly due to the multi-dimensionality of the sculptural paper and their expert use of colour. The static paper material is infused with a range of expert techniques, thereby yielding designs that convey an unparalleled sense of movement. As a result, the paper artist mimics the experience one would have viewing kinetic sculptures, with the paper forms shifting gracefully in the play of light. Made from durable paper, this is a timeless option to elevate your space.


5. Paper Sculpture Centrepiece

A well-chosen paper sculpture at the heart of a room is more than simply a decorative element; it becomes an enchanting focal point, sparking conversations and reflecting the taste of its owner. These particular works are exquisitely crafted and can be protected with a clear glass frame to make them durable. Depending on the angle in which they're viewed, the white swirling compositions shift and change as though an illusion - perfect for creating a memorable impression on visitors. With their adaptable nature, this paper artist's designs are the perfect choice for effortlessly merging with diverse styles and room layouts, making them the perfect choice for infusing spaces with character and a touch of artistic luxury depending on your eclectic tastes.


Need some advice?

From paper sculpture to isometic paper pieces that add texture and dimension to your walls, our curators will work with you to hand-select a suitable artwork for your project. Whether it's art for your corporate office space, public art or residential interior designs, our team at Artelier has years of experience with sourcing paper art for a range of clients, handling all the logistics, including framing and installation. Why not get in touch for a free consultation? Our team of curators can put together an extensive proposal, seeing the project through to the final installation.


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