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The Top 7 Trends in Metal Wall Sculpture Art You Need to See

There is something special about metal wall art. The way the light catches the metallic finish, the way the metal seems to come alive as the light and shadows around it change . From woven wire wall sculptures to stainless steel installation, the possibilities are endless when commissioning contemporary artists working today. If you are looking for something truly special for your space, be sure to check out our curated selection of metallic sculptural artworks.

Our curators have hand-selected each piece for its quality, craftsmanship, and ability to add a touch of luxury to any room. Whether you're looking for a sleek and modern metal wall sculpture or a more traditional gilded effect, we have something that will suit your style.

Metallic Wall Art


Artelier Art Consultancy

Here at Artelier, we are specialists in curating bespoke metal wall art, sculptures, and feature walls for all types of clients and projects. Over the years, we have worked closely with many artists specialising in metallic art, whether it be a sculptural wall installation or full-scale feature walls. We understand that each client has their own unique requirements, we therefore take the time to carefully consider the brief before putting together a proposal of artists that will meet the aesthetic as well as budgetary needs of the project. We will then commission the chosen artist on the client's behalf overseeing framing and final installation.

Discover a selection of our projects below, as well as a curated selection of many artists we have worked closely with. If you are interested in metal wall art for your home or commercial project, get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements. We look forward to bringing your vision to life!


Woven Wire

When it comes to metal wall art, one of our 'Artists Walls' artists is taking geometric patterns to a whole new level. This artist weaves metallic wires into intricate designs, inspired by the traditional Anatolian carpets of her ancestral home in Turkey. By giving the motifs a central role and prominence, she brings attention to the symbols and values of the past while making them relevant to today. Anatolian carpets are known for telling the story of women, representing family, protection, fertility, tradition and happiness. With her unique woven metal wall sculptures, this artist is bringing those stories to life in a truly special way. Discover more of her work here.


Nail Wall Sculpture

Our next artist in our 'Artists' Walls' curated selection is a master in metallic wall sculptures. This artist intricately manipulates hundreds of nails into impressive full scale wall art pieces. The metal wall sculptures have a beautiful metallic finish that adds depth and dimension to the artwork. His sculptural pieces range from abstract forms to distant landscapes and scenery. The detail and workmanship of his work has made him a recognised artist internationally, showcasing the absolute mastery of his craft. Discover more of his work on our dedicated page.


Melting Metal Wall Art

If you're looking for something ultra modern and sleek then the work of Rado Kirov or Ana Sidi Yacoub may be ideal for your space. Both artists create metal wall sculptures that glisten to reflect the beauty of light hitting the waters surface at sunset. Hand-formed from stainless steel and aluminium the metallic sculptures are then carefully polished for a dazzling finish. This style of sculptural wall art would be sure to add an ultra slick and contemporary feel to any interior.


Gold & Silver Leaf Wall Sculpture

If you are looking for a more subtle and subdued effect gold and silver leaf can often add a contemplative and spiritual quality to an artwork. One of our 'Artists Walls' artists hand carves abstracted forms in wood before applying a layer of gold or silver leaf. While another one of our artists hand applies gold leaf to intricate and detailed maps of cities drawing reference to the ancient world and sacredness of civilisations. Applied gold and silver leaf is a great choice if you want are after an elegant and timeless aesthetic.


Geometric Patterns Wall Sculpture

Geometric metal wall sculptures are a popular choice for contemporary homes. The clean lines and simple shapes of geometric patterns can bring a sense of order and calm to a space, while the reflective metallic finish adds a touch of luxury. Metal wall sculptures are also often finished with a metallic coating, which can create an eye-catching focal point in any room. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, metal wall art and metal wall sculptures are also highly durable, making them a wise investment for your home. Featured below are the works of Curtis Jere, Teresita Fernandez and Giles Miller.


Stainless Steel Wall Installation

Stainless steel is a popular choice for commercial wall installations, creating a modern, industrial look and feel. Metallic feature walls can come in a variety of styles, from abstract and geometric to more figurative designs like the world map below. Stainless steel feature walls are also a great way of creating an eye-catching focal point in a room. For a truly unique look, consider incorporating a full-scale metallic feature wall into your next commercial project. Images by Based Upon


Kinetic & Tile Systems

Kinetic art is a relatively new art form that emerged in the last few decades. Using the latest technology to interact with passers by through motion sensors, kinetic art is ideal for high-budget, large commercial spaces such as corporate lobbies or hotel lounges. Visitors can interact with these unique kinetic installations helping to tell the story of your brand. Intricate tile system artworks are also a great option designed to reveal unique designs through play on light and shadow without the interactive element. Both forms of art are becoming increasingly popular in public spaces adding a playful element the room.


Need some advice?

Whether you're looking for a simple metallic wall sculpture or a full-scale kinetic feature wall, there is sure to be an option for you. If you need advice in selecting the right artwork, commissioning an artist, organising framing and installation, why not get in touch for a free consultation? Our team of curators can put together an extensive proposal, seeing the project through to the final installation.

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