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Verre Églomisé Art: 4 Ways to use Gilded Glass for your Interior Design

Described as a 'moving painting', there's no artwork quite as able to transform your living space like verre églomisé. Sometimes known as foxed glass, or distressed mirror glass, eglomisé mirrors have a luxurious aesthetic quality. Depending on the light, the artworks shift and glimmer, due to their hand-crafted process made possible only by those able to perfect the technique. Believed to pre-date the Roman era, the name (pronounced Verr Egg-loam-eezay) derives from the 18th century French glass painting collector Jean-Baptise Glomy (1711-1786), who was responsible for the revival of the technique. Since then, some few expert industry specialists have perfected this hand painted mirror process, using a decorative art painting style that involves a complex process of reverse gilded glass, etching, gold leaf and/or silver leaf sheets, decorated with paint or other elements which results in beautifully embellished glass panels that can be used in a variety of decorative applications, including as wall art, mirror art, furniture accents, and more. From elegant flora and fauna paintings to striking contemporary geometric designs, the options are limitless.

Verre Églomisé Mirror Art interior example from mj atelier

Artelier Art Consultancy

Here at Artelier, we have many years of industry expertise, working with professional artists who create Verre églomisé artworks. As experienced art consultants, our curatorial team will assess your specific needs and present the highest quality mirror artworks to you for your discretion. Whether you wish to gild a specific design in gold leaf, or utilise the shimmering, crack-like effects of the contemporary églomisé technique to create a smooth transition from one wall to the other, or perhaps a simple glass mirror art déco-esque painting to add a touch of glamour to your space - we can help.

Discover a curated selection of many artists we have worked closely with, using the églomisé painting technique to transform various projects, both commercial and residential. If you are interested in mirrored art for your home or commercial project, get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements. We look forward to making your vision a reality!


Blue Verre Églomisé Art

One of our artists has perfected this reverse painted mirror technique, creating stunning blue feature walls that evoke the soft waves and the echoing crashes of the ocean. With her skilled use of silver leaf blended with organic pigments, her textural masterpieces express a captivating fluidity as they dynamically transform in response to the play of light. The luminous Verre églomisé panels refract and shimmer, with the gilded glass accents casting a captivating spell that appears to reverberate within the artwork itself, creating a truly mesmerising effect. With their serene and contemplative qualities, her foxed glass creations ideally are suited for enhancing the ambiance of hotel and yacht interiors. These artworks not only offer a calming effect that soothes and rejuvenates guests, but also maintain a certain timelessness, with their distressed glass aesthetic emulating a certain antique glass art effect. Blue gilded wall art is sure to be a memorable feature of any luxury space.


Contemporary Verre Églomisé Art

The antique glass mirror look of the églomisé aesthetic, combined with the refined, creative edge of contemporary designs provides an exceptional medium for an eye-catching artwork. The intricate and innovative designs, imbued with a sleek, modern aesthetic, offer a sophisticated, yet unique embellishment to any environment. One of our Artist Wall artists has a long history of working with mirror art techniques, experimenting with the traditional merged with experimentation and abstraction. Through this, this artist pushes the boundaries of the traditional églomisé technique to create unique compositions and explore the visual properties of light, colour, and texture. Their creation of distressed mirror glass is highly adept, and for contemporary designs adding splashes of red, or geometric ribbon-like forms on the mirror that seem to infinitely swirl into one another - the possibilities are endless. This nuanced and singular approach to this reverse painted mirror craft results in an artistic design that is uniquely special and captivating. If you're interested in adding a one-of-a-kind artistic flair to your space in the contemporary verre églomisé style, tell us about your project here.


Mirrored Glass Flower and Fauna Wall Art

Glass flower wall art is ideal for creating a soft, timeless allure and a classic mirrored art choice; there are endless design opportunities within this. From soft curves of floral forms to gold leaf forms that dominate the surface with luminescence, we work together with our artists to ensure that the bespoke designs communicate with one another to add the most elegant dynamism to the room. Particularly skilled in glass flower wall art is another one of our Artist Wall artists, who uses gold leaf, silver leaf and platinum leaf for her églomisé mirror designs, drawing inspiration from the boundless beauty and ever-shifting rhythms of nature. Her practice is an ode to her deep understanding of the time-honoured art of gilding; yet her natural forms honour the ancient aspect of the technique and its rooting throughout history. Similarly, another one of our skilled artists has refined the verre églomisé painting technique to create one-of-a-kind flora and fauna painting. She has perfected her deft technique of using plaster on gilded glass to create delicate flower forms... adding additional texture through this three-dimensional aspect of gold leaf wall art. In both artists works, the gilded accents of gold leaf and/or silver leaf emphasise nature in it all its abundance and richness of life.


Geometric Verre Églomise Mirror Art

Geometric wall art celebrates the beauty of simplicity. Its versatile design can add a touch of modern or traditional flair, with its repetitive patterns holding a classical appeal, while the use of geometric shapes blends a contemporary style with the timeless art of gilded glass. In addition to creating serene floral landscapes, this artist is also skilled in the creation of organized and structured geometric glass art. The mirrored gold wall décor produced by the artist can beautifully accent furniture, or be framed in an office space. Another artist among us also works with gold leaf wall art, using fragmentation to gradually build a cohesive whole. This artist's geometric forms are sleek and modern, yet crafted by hand with the utmost care, demonstrating her as a true master of the verre églomisé art form.

Need some advice?

Whether you're looking for a polished foxed glass mirror, distressed mirror with a contemporary art flair, textured cracked glass surfaces or simpler églomisé panels painted with gold leaf, our curators will collaborate with you to handpick the perfect artwork for your project. Here at Artelier, our team boasts years of experience in sourcing artworks for both corporate and residential spaces.

Why not contact us for a complimentary consultation? Our team of curators will prepare a comprehensive proposal and guide you through every stage of the project from selecting pieces to framing and installation.

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