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Work with an Art Consultant

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About Artelier Art Consultancy

Artelier is an international team of art consultants, providing specialist art market research, contemporary art commissioning, project management, framing and installation. For over a decade we have curated exceptional art for both our private and corporate clients.

Working in the private context, we can create bespoke artwork solutions for anything from gardens to private residences, super-yacht interiors and private planes. In the public realm we work closely with interior designers and project owners on curating art for hotels, corporate collections and public art initiatives. Our art consultancy services are always tailored to the clients unique needs and the specific artwork context.

Over the years our art consultancy has specialised in  acquiring art for discerning private clients as well as industry leaders including some of the world's top brands. Working seamlessly with both private collectors and corporate clients our team of senior art advisors and curators can assist art buyers with a wide variety of needs.

Our past projects include public art installations, complete curated art collections for hotels, private residences, yachts and private planes. We also specialise in bespoke feature walls known as our 'Artist Walls' which can be selected as an individual statement piece or as part of a complete artwork collection.

Our Art Consultancy Services

Contemporary Artwork Commissioning

With access to some of the most exciting contemporary artists working today, Artelier's team of art curators can create a completely bespoke artwork solution for your needs.

We will start the conversation by finding out what type of project you are working on, whether it be for a private residence or a large commercial enterprise. Once we have an understanding of the project scope, we will then prepare an initial proposal. Our team of dedicated art curators and art advisors will work with you at every step. From artwork commissioning and shipping to final framing and installation.

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Art Tours with a Senior Curator

If you are interested in having a better understanding of the art market, or perhaps are seeking advice on growing an existing art collection, a private art fair tour may be a great option.


Expertly lead by one of our senior art consultants, the tour can be completely tailored to your needs and interests. We can provide expert guidance on navigating the art world, assistance in working with art dealers as well as education on specific art movements you may be looking to invest in.

Art Investment Guidance

Our dedicated 'art concierge' service is your representative when navigating the art world. You will be assigned a specialist art advisor that will be able to provide advice while also being a good listener, in order to understand your unique needs.


Our art concierge service involves liaising on your behalf with specialists, art dealers and artists in order to build a bespoke art collection. The aim of this service is to work with the best positioned individuals for a client's investment goals, as an indispensable art partner.

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Curated Art Collections

Our team of art consultants and curators can provide a complete art collection. Whether you are looking for investment grade art or a brand new commissioned piece for your home we can curate a personalised collection to meet your needs.


We will start by understanding your personal aesthetic, find out about whether you have an interest in a specific art genre or art movement. Our curators will then put together a proposal document which will start a conversation about potential artists and artworks. We will assist you through out the whole process until the final delivery and installation of your fine art collection.

International Shipping and Logistics

We understand that shipping artwork internationally can be an involved process working with one of our project managers we can provide a complete service, getting the finished artwork from the artists studio to the final desired location.


Artelier's shipping and logistics department has expert knowledge in arranging delivery and transportation as well as final installation. We have shipped everything from fragile glass artworks to oversized ceramic wall installations, oil paintings, large sculptures and everything in-between.


Flexible Fee Structure

Depending on your needs and the project scope we can either work on a percentage fee of the final artwork sale, an hourly rate or a combination of the two for larger projects.


When commissioning a small collection or single bespoke artwork, the consultant's fee typically falls in the range of 5-15% of the artwork's value, depending on the project's specific requirements.

For larger, more extensive projects that demand a longer-term commitment from us, the fee structure is often presented as a comprehensive package. This package covers both art consultancy fees and artwork costs.

David Knowles


What does an Art Consultant do?

Founder & Creative Director

Every art consultant will have their area of specialism, however in general most art consultants will be working closely with both private and corporate clients to curate contemporary art collections.  A client may be interested in finding the perfect piece of art for their home interior, or be looking for help in navigating the art world.


The role of an art consultant can be as versatile as the client's needs, whether that be to acquire a piece of art history, or to curate a complete collection of 200+ artworks for a new hotel resort.

David Knowles

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Why work with an Art Consultant?

Founder & Creative Director

Working with an art consultant takes the mystery and stress away from the process of acquiring art. Choosing Artelier provides you with a team of art market experts with an extensive network, giving you access to  hard-to-come-by pieces by sought-after contemporary artists.


An art consultant can completely transform and refine your collection, elevating it to new heights. If you are looking for investment grade pieces, a consultant can also serve as a great ally in navigating the art world, giving you access to art dealers and exclusive auctions.

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Our Approach to Art Commissioning

1. Understand the client's vision 

Discuss with private clients, businesses, developers and designers on themes for artworks, and suggest ideas for art in interiors & outdoors.

2. Contextual art research 

Extensively research and take inspiration from the artworks' context. Curate themes for art and source options for the art collection with optimal selection criteria.

3. Identify key locations for art

Survey design plans to establish key locations for art outdoors and in interiors, and curate art placement.

4. Develop an artwork strategy

Create a detailed proposal for the artworks, including creating concepts for custom art commissions.

5. Commissioning artists

Source and collaborate with contemporary artists on custom commissions, tailored specially for the London art project.

6. Art project management

Oversee all aspects of delivering the art collection, including managing fine art commissions, art shipment and team liaison.

7. Art installation, presentation & art framing

Devise and solve art presentation solutions, including fixings for artworks, integrated lighting for art, and custom art framing.

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A Range of Artwork Types

  • Contemporary Paintings

  • Bespoke Wall Murals

  • Custom Art Installations

  • Sculpture Commissions

  • Public Art Sculpture Commissions

  • Sculptural Vases & Accessories

  • TV Roller Art

  • Exhibition Displays

  • Feature Wall Art & Finishes

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Art Consultancy for Varied Contexts

  • Art for Residences

  • Art for Interiors

  • Art for Corporate Spaces

  • Art for Hotels

  • Art for Public Spaces

  • Art for Gardens

  • Art for Yachts

  • Art for Aircraft

  • Art for Businesses

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Independent Art Consultants

Selected Interiors Projects

Eaton Place, London – Art Collection for Triplex Apartment

Park Crescent, London – Sculpture & Painting Commissions 

Chelsea Barracks, London – Art Collections for Penthouses

Quuen Anne's Gate, London – Custom Art Collection

Belgrave Square, London – Art Consultants for Private Residence

The Chilterns, London – Art Consultants for Development 

One Hyde Park, London – Paintings & Fine Art Framing

Oak Hill, London – Art Collection for Private Residence

Belsize Park, London – Custom Art Collection for Residence

Selected Outdoor & Public Projects

Maida Vale, London – Art Commission for Development

Spetses, Greece – Personalised Sculpture Commission for Garden

London, UK – Lobby Art Commission for Recycling Company HQ

Time Warner, New York – Custom Sculpture Commissions

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – Sculpture Commission for Garden

Nice, France – Interactive Installation for Seafront Promenade

Abu Dhabi, UAE – Sculpture Installation for Shopping Mall

Manama, Bahrain – Art Consultancy for 5* Hotel 

Key West, London – Painting Commissions for Hotel

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"David’s energy, knowledge and professionalism delivered an inspiring collection which perfectly represented the values of our firm and complimented the meticulous design of our new office space"

Mary Roser, Numis

Numis HQ Art Collection

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