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8 Ideas for Unique Office Feature Walls in 2023

A striking feature wall can transform a space. In an office, such design may invigorate and inspire employees and leave a lasting impression with visiting clients. There are a number of directions that can be taken in feature wall design, from vast, impactful murals to wall coverings that spotlight a distinctive craft or material. Sure to modernise the standard office, the following will highlight eight design options, showcasing the creativity and character achievable in a feature wall.

1. Sculptural Elements

Giving the wall a third dimension, a sculptural feature wall advances a room’s traditional, flat four walls to something far more dynamic. The pictured sculptural wall art, by an artist featured in our Artist Walls collection, is inspired by the fluid rhythms of nature, contributing to a calm and composed office environment. It harnesses the delicate quality of the ceramic medium to elicit this atmosphere, but wall sculptures can be diverse in style and effect, using media such as metal, textile, wood or glass — and beyond!

2. Textured Wall

A textured feature wall can craft a surface that is more natural and organic; with this design an office space may become less industrial and more welcoming. This gilded wall maps the undulating flow of the ocean, evoking composure and calm upon its viewer. This a unique way to create an accent wall, with the artist’s use of textured panelling allowing for an expansive and impactful work. See more work from this artist in our Artist Walls collection.

3. Mural

Office lobby art

Defined as a work painted directly to onto a wall either on a buildings external façade or interior wall, murals can act both artistically and communicatively. Given this dual purpose, painted murals are a popular option for an office feature wall — they can provide an opportunity for business owners to impart their story, values or mission via its contents. An office mural could nod to its broader location, as seen pictured. Through the misty lens of impressionism, this artist’s mural recalls London’s urban horizon.

4. Glass

Office art installation

A glass feature wall offers the opportunity to bounce light and amplify space. Together this gives the illusion of a larger, brighter room glass artwork is an obvious choice for those looking to craft a more inviting office environment. The artwork above utilises complementary coloured glass panels, summoning a striking vividity capable of lifting and energising an office.

5. Pattern, Tiling and Mosaic

Tiled feature walls are intricately designed and hugely impactful when installed at large scale. Mosaic design options are broad, from a regular, geometric pattern to illustrative renders of figures and landscapes. The feature wall pictured, using mosaic wall tiles, is detailed and well-organised, illustrating many of the qualities important to an effective office environment.

6. Textile

Whether woven or printed, textile feature walls offer a new surface dimension with further detail, texture and embellishment. In an office, a fabric feature wall can be multipurpose, providing heat and sound insulation as well as aesthetic elevation. Modern textile artists continue to innovate; the fabric walling pictured exhibits a vast yet meticulous embroidery - the artist draws inspiration from extreme landscapes such as glacial pools and coral reefs.

7. Text

board room mural / office art

In an office context, a text-based feature wall can work to consolidate a business’ key messages and core values. Language and art have long been connected; harnessing words as its primary method of artistic communication, text-based art is direct, bold and purposeful. The artist pictured fragments words and phrases in an urban style, crafting a contemporary and eye-catching piece.

8. Digital / Photographic

A striking accent image can elevate a space by adding a level of drama and intrigue - in an office, this may enliven and energise, perhaps inspiring increased productivity and imagination. A photographic feature wall could choose to collage a selection of photos or spotlight a single digital artwork. This feature wall chooses the latter; the image uses ‘glitch’ software to re-envision landscape photography into an other-worldly dimension, distorting and stretching digital fields.

There is a real breadth of possibility in feature wall design, with contemporary makers experimenting more than ever with materials, methods and compositions. They are a worthy consideration for any office space with great potential to increase productivity, communicate key values and inspire creativity.

Discover all artists included in the Artist Walls collection here, including feature wall art in situ. To learn more about Artelier's art consultancy services, and our process for commissioning art more broadly, please visit our Art Consultancy homepage.


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