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Top 12 Unique Feature Wall Ideas For Your Living Room

The living room is the heart of the home and often the basis for the design of the rest of your

house. It is therefore the perfect place to make your mark and establish your design style. A

feature wall is a great way to do this as it becomes a statement piece that can help define your

design aesthetic. At Artelier we have teamed up with artists from all over the world to design

bespoke feature walls in all types of materials and styles known as Artist Walls, discover here 12 of our unique feature wall ideas for your living room...if any of these walls take your fancy, don't hesitate to get in touch!

living room feature wall

1.Abstract Botanical - Botanical wall art is extremely popular right now, if you love this trend why not consider adding a botanical-inspired feature wall to your space. This subdued design with gold leaf and a subtle japanese aesthetic takes the design of the space to a new level. The artist behind this feature wall creates lush, exotic landscapes that depict wild places that are uninhabited and timeless, "offering a glimpse of a paradise that is potentially lost to us".


living room feature wall

2. Abstract Panels - These abstract panels feature a contemporary design in beige and blue

adding interest without overwhelming the space. The artist behind this feature wall is a classically trained pianist, in her paintings, she fuses the line between the musical and visual composition. The layers and gestures of her paintings evoke musical spaces and rhythms while drawing on patterns found in nature.


living room feature wall

3. Bold Abstract - This design is much more prominent and present in the space, this makes for a

great statement piece within a room. If you love oversized abstract art then why not consider a unique

mural for your wall, the artist behind this piece usually works on oversized canvases, but can also create full-size feature walls designed specifically to complement a space.


Dining room feature wall

4. Reclaimed Timber - If you love textures and raw natural materials then you may just fall in love with this reclaimed timber feature wall. The artist behind this design works exclusively with reclaimed timber which he finds in forests and natural landscapes. He then weaves tiles of timber into these intricate shapes and patterns.


golden living room feature wall

5. Gold Leaf Abstract - This blue and gold abstract mural is designed by one of our featured artists Michelle Gagliano. Working exclusively with natural pigments and gold leaf whilst drawing inspiration from nature and the great outdoors Gagliano's work is truly mesmerising. Could you picture having your very own gold leaf feature wall by the artist?


living room feature wall

6. Nuno Silk - This one of a kind feature wall is made by blending wool and silk together to create Nuno Silk a non-woven material which originates from central Asia. The textile artist creates designs and patterns using pastels which she then translates into Nuno Silk.


living room feature wall

7. Woven Wire - This feature wall is designed by one of our partner artists who works with woven wire to create abstract shapes and patterns. In an ode to the Turkish carpet motifs of the artist's childhood, she weaves reflective metallic wires into a dense mesh, creating intricate geometric and abstract designs that explore structures of life, nature and architecture.


outdoor feature wall

8. Sea Blue - The artist behind this feature wall creates abstract paintings that explore the chromatic

and translucent effects of paint and gold leaf, while simultaneously accentuating textural qualities. If you are after something more textural and less painterly then this may be a great fit. The nature of the material means it is great for indoor/outdoor spaces.


tobias tovera feature wall

9. Minerals & Fire - Inspired by ideas of alchemy, medicine and the formation of living matter, Tobias Tovera creates his surfaces by mixing a concoction of earth-based pigments and mineral salts. The chemical reactions that result, often activated by the artist’s introduction of fire, are an array of colours and graduations of textures. We have teamed up with him to work large scale on bespoke feature walls for unique interiors - if you could see a Tovera in your space get in touch!


Peter Hayes feature wall

10. Raku Ceramics - With an innate drive to understand the origins of ceramic art and its ancient connection to the Earth, Hayes has engaged with communities across the world where traditions of the artform are centuries-old. In keeping with the Raku ceramics tradition, Hayes works exclusively with natural earth clay and the flames of the kiln to create contemporary pieces.


nuno silk feature wall

11. Nuno Silk - This one of a kind feature wall is made by blending wool and silk together to create

Nuno Silk a non woven material which originates from central asia. The textile artist creates designs

and patterns using pastels which she then translates into Nuno Silk.


When it comes to finding the perfect feature wall for your living room the possibilities are endless. If

you are interested in collaborating with us to design the perfect feature wall for your living room, then

don't hesitate to get in touch.


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