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10 Of The World’s Most Luxurious Lobby Feature Walls

When designing a lobby whether for a hotel or office space what cannot be overlooked is the importance of a first impression. The first few seconds when a guest steps into your space sets the tone for their opinion of your brand going forward. Knowing this, why not make that first impression showstopping - this can be achieved by having an unexpected element added to a space, such as a feature wall. Discover here 10 of the world's most luxurious lobby feature walls designed by internationally acclaimed artists in collaboration with Artelier.

Tobias Tovera Feature wall
Image by Artelier - Art Consultancy

1. This first design is a collaboration with one of our partner artists, Tobias Tovera. Inspired by ideas

of alchemy, medicine and the formation of living matter, Tovera creates his surfaces by mixing a

concoction of earth-based pigments and mineral salts. The chemical reactions that result, often

activated by the artist’s introduction of fire, are an array of colours and graduations of textures.

This technique combined with the backlit effect of the panels creates a unique atmosphere within

the lobby.


Paper Artist Feature Wall
Image by Artelier - Art Consultancy

2. This lobby feature wall was created by Artelier in collaboration with one of the world's most established paper artist, creating precise kinetic sculptures which have lead him to collaborate with scientists. The shapes are eye-catching yet subdued by the off-white colour of the paper. Such a lobby design would make a memorable first impression and lead to interesting conversations with visitors.


Simon Allen Feature Wall
Image by Artelier - Art Consultancy

3. This design by one of our featured artists Simon Allen is inspired by the ripples and undulations of

waves, sand and hills from above. The artist works in carved wood layered with gold leaf, conveying

refined luxury inspired by the beauty of the natural world.


Hanging Sculpture
Image by Artelier - Art Consultancy

4. This unique hanging sculpture is eye-catching in its intricate flowing shapes, yet subdued by its soft palette which reflects its environment. Working with ceramic, the artist loves to create flowing curves which give the illusion of movement in contrast to the materials they are made of. This design would work well in a lobby space that is all about understated luxury.


Lobby mosaic feature wall
Image by Artelier - Art Consultancy

5. This mosaic feature wall is fresh and inviting, ideal if you want to give that warm Mediterranean

welcome to your visitors. The mosaic designs are one of a kind, created by an artist that breaks up

each mosaic into small chipped pieces. Much like an abstract painter she intuitively places them into a complex and harmonious pattern. Her work is one of a kind, intuitive and takes the art of mosaics to new heights.


lobby feature wall
Image by Artelier - Art Consultancy

6. If you are after something more painterly, the contemporary landscape artist behind this feature wall creates impressive abstract scenes of nature. Always trying to capture the ephemeral qualities of light and wind, his works come to life in their Turneresque impressions of nature.