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Top 10 Spa Interior Designers

If you are in the market for a new spa, then this list of top Spa interior designers may be just what you're looking for. When it comes to designing spas, there is no one that has more experience than these 10 world-class professionals. Their work speaks for itself and we think they deserve all the awards and accolades that have followed. Read on to find out who made our list of the industry's top 10 spa interior designers.

Artelier Art Consultancy (UK & International)

Here at Artelier we regularly work hand-in-hand with Spa interior designers & architects to provide unique commissioned art and feature walls. Each artwork is carefully chosen by our team of art consultants to reflect the aesthetic and ethos of the spa. If you are looking for unique art for your spa interiors project discover our collection of Spa Feature Walls or get in touch for a Free Consultation.

Images Copyright: Artelier

1.Basalt Architects (Iceland)

Basalt Architects is an architectural office established in 2009 in Reykjavik, Iceland. Led by partners Sigríður Sigþórsdóttir (founder), Hrólfur Karl Cela and Marcos Zotes as well as their dynamic team of architects and designers that bring together a rich and extensive background. Basalt is known for creating innovative architecture and interior design in the wellness space that thoughtfully responds to the needs of their clients.

Completed in 2018 their flagship project, The Blue Lagoon Spa and Hotel in Iceland has received numerous accolades from international design publications and professional associations. The spa strikes the perfect balance between natural and manmade. Guests of the spa experience moments of thoughtful luxury, serenity, and rejuvenation surrounded by breathtaking rock formations and the powerful healing qualities of the blue lagoon.

Images Copyright: Basalt Architects & Design Group Italia

2.David Chipperfield (UK & International)

David Chipperfield Architects is well known for having mastered a minimalist approach to design. The firm's best-known spa project is London's Akasha Holistic Wellbeing Centre. The spa called for a minimalist aesthetic that would feel both modern and ancient giving a calming and invigorating experience to guests. David Chipperfield is also well known for designing museums and public buildings internationally.

Images Copyright: Hotel Cafe Royale, 4SeasonsSpa, Architizer

3.Deca Architecture (Greece)

Deca Architecture are forever seeking to unearth the beauty in every project, they believe that understanding a site is vital to its revitalization. Connecting with diverse audiences through the creation of poetic spaces that are sensitively tailored to human needs - whether physical or emotional.

In 2019 they completed the design of Euphoria Retreat in Greece which has gone on to receive a number of awards and accolades. "The Spa is meant to be at the same time peaceful and subversive, meditative and hallucinatory, orderly and free-flowing. This occurs through a choreo­graphed transition of spaces in which light, sound, temperature, humidity, textures, materials and smells are carefully adjusted to create immersive sensory experiences." - Deca Architecture

Image Copyright: Euphoria Retreat, Deca Architecture

4.Johan Sundberg Arkitektur (Sweden)

Johan Sundberg Arkitektur is a Stockholm-based design studio. Led by principal architect Johan Sundberg, the team partners with clients throughout Sweden and beyond to develop projects that deliver two important outcomes: beauty and function. Through a diverse team of architects, designers, product developers and landscape architects JSA offers creative solutions across architecture, interior design and sustainable building practices

The recently completed Andrum Spa is situated on a serene slope and overlooks the grounds of a centuries old estate in Sweden. The spa comprises peaceful pools, with clean minimalist design and soothing landscaping that is immersed in the temperate forest landscape. "The building is designed on the basis of sensual impressions – light, aroma and taste, acoustics and touch. The materials are kept in their original form as far as possible, and together they form an entity that is at once soft-spoken and beautiful." - Johan Sundberg Arkitektur

Image Copyright Johan Sundberg Arkitektur

5.Smartvoll (Vienna)

Smartvoll is an architecture firm which plays geometric forms against the content and principles of their concepts. They believe structural design yields to beauty that not only draws attention but sustains meaning to a design over time. They believe that the design process is not a static, linear system, it's an ever-evolving flow of competing ideas that are proposed and tested simultaneously.

Smartvoll has recently received a lot of attention for their design of a private spa in Hinterbrühl, Austria, the design has been described as a 21st century temple of relaxation. Smartvoll explains that the floor plan is reminiscent of paintings by Mondrian translated into three dimensional structures. The seemingly free-standing monolithic slabs are also reminiscent of Stoneheng or Greek temple ruins.

Image Copyright Smartvoll

6.Bensley Studio (SE Asia)

Established in 1989, Bensley has been designing some of the world's most iconic hotels, resorts, spas and residences. Over time the studio has established an international reputation for their creative designs that always evoke a sense of timeless cool–reflecting clients' individual tastes while making every space feel fresh and exciting.

Bensley Studio’s mission is to design the world's most gorgeous resorts and spas. Their creative team has taken their trailblazing, award-winning concepts across the globe to 180 resorts in over 30 countries. Working primarily across Asia, the team has designed Spas that have attracted an international clientele seeking a luxury resort experience that connects seamlessly with the traditional local aesthetic.