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Top 5 Colourful Art Styles to Revamp Your Office Wall Art

Welcome to the world of colorful art, where a spectrum of hues can redefine the ambiance of your corporate space. Our curated collection brings together a diverse range of mediums, from vibrant digital art to drip art abstract pieces, dynamic and colourful geometric designs, and more. The psychology of colour takes center stage in office spaces, with each hue evoking distinct emotions and energy that has the capacity to shift a team from a dull, tired and monotonous mindset, to an inspired, invigorated and refreshed one.

A textured painting in a corporate office lobby, in blue, pink and purple hues.


Artelier Art Consultancy

In curating this collection, our experts art Artelier have meticulously sifted through a spectrum of contemporary talent. The diverse range of bright colourful wall art has been thoughtfully categorised to brighten, enliven and inspire your corporate space, as well as to cater to various preferences. From digital artworks to more colourful abstract paint designs, there's a range of office interior design inspiration for you. Whether you seek a contemporary art feature wall to infuse some texture into an otherwise bland corporate office space or some geometric pattern art to enhance the sophistication of an office stairway, we can help. Reach out for a free consultation, and our corporate art advisory team will craft a personalised portfolio for your corporate art collection.

Discover a selection of our projects below, as well as a curated selection of many artists we have worked closely with. If you are interested in small, medium or large colourful wall art for your hotel, corporate or commercial project, get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements. Your vision deserves the perfect expression and we are dedicated to bringing it to life.


1. Abstract Photography

Want a dynamic artwork that is both eye-catching and tasteful? Abstract photography is a perfect choice, elegantly marrying the bold nature of graphic design preferred by many office interior designers and digital photography art, which adds a human touch. One of our 'Artist Wall' artists (top row) emerges himself in the landscape to create his abstract works. Whilst his photography is deeply connected to the sublime nature of the natural world, such as crystal-clear night skies and vast mountain ranges, his processing of images in his studio is a much more technological and scientific process. Working with ‘glitch’ software and computer programming, he skillfully re-programmes his imagery of the natural world into otherworldly and textured digital fields where the pixel conjures a new sense of organic, offering an avant-garde approach to enriching corporate spaces. With a completely different aesthetic, but a similar technical process, this artist creates his technology art by overlapping his landscape photography with abstract art free-flowing patterns, replicating the familiarity of architectural rhythm and asymmetrical structures found within the natural world.


2. Digital Landscape Art

Revitalising the highly-revered art style, 'land art', but in a contemporary context - this artist understands how to capture a nuanced photographic work that is so detailed and thoughtful, it almost appears as though a hand-crafted painting. Highly detailed, his aesthetic is an example of digital art that doesn't alienate the viewer with futurist or AI aesthetic sensibilities. Rather, in an office lobby or meeting room, his work would act as the perfect inspiration for tired working eyes, soothing, vivid, refreshing. We have extensive experience with blowing up his high-quality photography into large colourful wall art pieces, exuding texture and light. Land art photography is here to stay, as sustainability concerns increase and corporations become more and more aware of their sustainable responsibility, placing a lovely natural landscape is sure to inspire and set the right tone for your office interior design.


3. Line Artworks

As a luminary in contemporary art, Franck Fisher uses lines as both medium and message in his ultra-glossy colourful wall art. A highly celebrated contemporary artist, Fisher's mastery lies in the nuanced dance of lines and his intentional choice of colour; these metal artworks are created through a process of drip art painting, where the artist adeptly pours household gloss paint onto steel stretchers. The consequence is a form of repeated pattern art with a controlled aesthetic, simultaneously creating a site of order, refinement and contemplation for the corporate art office space, inspiring workers and maintaining a sense of sophistication.


4. Pattern Art

Inject a burst of energy into your office interior with repeated pattern art pieces, such as Thomas Trum's vibrant and translucent abstract pattern artworks seen below. Whether you opt for exceptionally large statement pieces or smaller accents, Trum's playful creations promise a fresh and lively ambiance. Celebrating design at the forefront of his contemporary artworks, Trum transforms the studio into an experimental playground, exploring unconventional acrylic painting methods on paper, canvas, and walls. Paint itself becomes his muse, evolving into colorful patterned art that speaks volumes on the canvas. In tune with the trend, corporate art interior designers increasingly favor graphic design-inspired wall art to stimulate the design-centric minds of office teams. Elevate your workspace with Trum's dynamic creations, embodying a harmonious blend of creativity and sophistication.


5. Geometric Colourful Art

Revitalise your office interior with the timeless elegance of geometric art, drawing inspiration from the dynamic interplay of shapes and patterns, this artist is adaptable and innovative. Geometric shapes and patterns, whether on paper, canvas, or walls, offer a visually engaging solution for those looking to infuse their workspace with a touch of contemporary design. The versatility of abstract geometric shapes introduces a modern and sophisticated flair, aligning with the ongoing trend in corporate art interior design. From large-scale abstract artworks to smaller geometric wall art pieces, these creations blend simplicity with complexity, making them ideal for offices seeking a fresh and vibrant atmosphere. Precision meets creativity in these works, echoing the experimental spirit found in unconventional art studios.


Need some advice?

From polished minimalist artworks, to textural silk covered canvases, our curators will work with you to hand-select a suitable artwork for your office interior. Our corporate art team at Artelier has years of experience with sourcing artworks for a range of spaces, handling all the logistics, including framing and installation. Why not get in touch for a free consultation? Our team of curators can put together an extensive proposal, seeing the project through to the final installation.


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