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10 Inspiring Feature Wall Ideas for Bathrooms

Are you tired of seeing the same white tiled bathroom designs over and over again? Are you looking for something fresh and truly unique for your space? If so, here is our round-up of 10 one of a kind bathroom feature wall designs by some of the world's leading artists and designers. If you're ready to take the design of your bathroom to the next level, then read on.

Image by Artelier Art Consultancy
  1.  Mosaic - a classic option that you can elevate by working with a contemporary artist or artisan. The design featured here is by French artist Marie Minhac giving a very unique feel to the bathroom.

Image by digsdigs

2. Natural stone - if you are after a more earthy and muted feel, you could explore different types of stones to decorate your bathroom with. Natural tones such as off-white and beige can give a very calming feel to the space.

Image by Artelier Art Consultancy

3. Carved Wood - Woods that have been especially treated to be in a wet environment could be a great option if you are interested in a natural feel. The feature wall option above by one of our contemporary artists would make the perfect eco-design. Each panel has been carved by hand by French artist Benoit Averly .

Image by Artelier Art Consultancy

4. A Painted Mural - could be another great option, using soft blue hues and wave-like patterns to make a statement piece.

Image by Rockform

5. Tiled - Blue grey tiles are in keeping with the wet environment of a bathroom while giving a subtle nod to the zellige tiles of morocco

Image by Artelier Art Consultancy

6. The image above is an example of one of our ‘Artist Wall’ artists Adam Arbeid whose works resembles ocean waves and atolls giving a beautiful aquatic feel to a spa setting.

Image by Artelier Art Consultancy

7. Ceramic Wall - This ceramic wall was custom made by Peter Hayes a ceramicist who has travelled the world learning ancient crafts, spending many years in Rajasthan. This feature wall brings an earthy effect while brightening the room.

Image by Artelier Art Consultancy

8. Ceramic Tiles - If you are after a beautiful minimalist aesthetic then the work of artist Petr Weigl might be a great option, a subtle elegance that can serve to elevate a space.

Image by Artelier Art Consultancy

9. Paint & Gold Leaf - A feature wall designed by an artist who works with the chromatic and translucent effects of paint and gold leaf, this is a particularly great option for a wet environment.

Image by Artelier Art Consultancy

10. Finally a subtle but fitting feature wall for a spa setting. The design by artist Adam Arbeid has a gentle aquatic feel, giving a subdued sense of luxury to the space.

So there you have it, our top ten round up of unique bathroom feature walls to inspire you. Specialising in one of a kind feature walls for the home, we can work with you to create a unique aesthetic for your bathroom that works well with your personal tastes and preferences. If you are interested

in finding out more, visit our Artist Walls page or simply get in touch!


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