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4 Eye-Catching Ceramic Installation Styles Taking 2024 By Storm

"Ceramics, our earliest technology, came right after cooking meat. Baking clay was the first intentional way humans changed our environment. Clay pots, crucial for cooking staples like rice, are linked to agriculture. Essentially, our whole evolution is intertwined with ceramics.

Ancient, revealing, revered and yet often the most affordable of the arts, ceramic art is a testament to human creativity, reflecting our ability to twist, contort, mould and stretch a natural material (clay) into a visually appealing aesthetic. It showcases the ingenuity of humanity in working with the materials at our disposal. In 2024, recent statistics from the end of 2023 indicate a notable art trend – ceramic art is not just making waves in high-profile auction houses like Sotheby's or Christie's but is gaining popularity at more accessible price points. It is finding its way into corporate art collections and homes of the high to middle class. Why? The increasing emphasis on sustainable and eco-friendly materials has also played a role in the ceramic art resurgence. With eco-conscious consumers seeking environmentally friendly, sustainable art options, the use of ceramics, a natural material, aligns with this trend. The artists featured in this article are celebrated for their technical prowess, offering a range from classical bas-relief styles to unprecedented contemporary ceramic art, providing boundless, sustainable and economical options for art enthusiasts.

Abstract statue for ceramic installation by artist Geoffrey Preston, by hotel art consultancy Artelier.

Image Credit: Artelier

A Brief History of Ceramic Installation Art

Originating in ancient civilisations such as Mesopotamia and China, ceramic craft has traversed through centuries, leaving an indelible mark on diverse cultures worldwide. Notably, the allure of blue and white ceramics, exemplified by Chinese porcelain, gained such acclaim that it became highly prized in Europe during the Ming and Qing dynasties. This "blue and white" aesthetic not only captivated the East but also sparked a craze in the West, leading to the creation of European imitations.

As the craft journeyed across continents, it found distinct expressions in regions like the Islamic world, where intricate geometric patterns adorned ceramics, showcasing a fusion of art and mathematics. The Italian Renaissance witnessed a revival of classical forms, further shaping the trajectory of ceramic art. In contemporary contexts, ceramic sculpture ideas have transcended traditional confines, extending into innovative ceramic installation art that redefines spatial experiences. Famous contemporary artists, such as Grayson Perry, Ai Weiwei, Clare Twomey, and Geng Xue, have pioneered large-scale ceramic installations, challenging perceptions and engaging audiences in immersive, tactile environments. Often referencing the history of blue-and-white ceramic in China as in the artworks below, the artists impress the history of cultural exchange and political poetical artistry rooted in ceramic art.

Hence, beyond its traditional utilitarian roles as a vase, mug, or plate, these contemporary ceramic artists are reshaping ideas surrounding ceramic art, placing a strong emphasis on its visual allure and conceptual significance. This evolution not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also positions ceramic art as a compelling arena for potential art investment value.

Left: Ai Weiwei 'Porcelain Pillar with Refugee Motif' 2017

Right: Clare Twomey 'Trophy', 2006


Artelier Art Consultancy

In curating this collection, our experts have meticulously sifted through a spectrum of contemporary talent. The diverse ceramic installation styles are thoughtfully categorised to cater to various preferences. Whether you seek a ceramic installation for a feature wall to infuse elegance into a corporate office space or desire a ceramic wall art piece to enhance the sophistication of a classically decorated hotel lobby, our curated sections offer options for a range of audiences. Whatever your artistic aspirations, we are here to assist. Reach out for a free consultation, and our team will craft a personalised portfolio tailored to suit your specific needs, whether you're in need for something more vast like a corporate art consultancy or a public art consultancy, or even if you're seeking art for your residential home. We can help.

Discover a selection of our projects below, as well as a curated selection of many artists we have worked closely with. If you are interested in ceramic wall art for your home, corporate or commercial project, get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements. Your vision deserves the perfect expression, and we are dedicated to bringing it to life.


1. Modern Ceramic Art

Glamorous, refined and exceptionally unique, the following artists from our 'Artist Wall' selection uphold the very best of a modern ceramic art style. Firstly, the delicate ceramic installation pieces viewed in the images below, are a duo pair of leading figures in glass and ceramic artwork, Having been commissioned for a range of luxury hotel projects, where just last year they displayed rhythmic, fluid modern mural art pieces for hotels in Japan and Qatar. They wrote about their work:

Meanwhile, illustrated below is the work of an artist whose 3D sculptures feature intricate, rhythmic patterns with a tactile quality reminiscent of freshly folded or curved paper. Like undulating ocean waves, these pieces emanate a sense of harmony, resembling murals dedicated to the spiritual craft of the artist's hands. Ceramic wall art boasts remarkable versatility, capable of embodying the smoothness of wood or, with a meticulous touch, exuding visual delicacy and softness despite its inherent sturdiness. Whether adorned with glaze, or paint or left in their natural state, these modern ceramic art pieces are certain to infuse dynamism into your space. Moreover, for those inclined towards art collecting, such timeless designs hold enduring art investment value and appreciation, owing to their unwavering commitment to the genuine celebration of line and form.


2. Ceramic Fauna & Flower Wall Art

Defying the ebb and flow of trends, classical bas-relief art possesses an enduring allure and artistic significance that has garnered admiration for centuries. These intricate creations often portray nature, mythological tales, historical events, or religious scenes. Plaster ceramic installation designs, whether in high relief or low relief, offer a diverse interplay of depth and dimensionality, creating a truly distinctive aesthetic. This artist, is an illustrious undertaker of this prized craft, specialising in crafting deeply nifty, technically brilliant ceramic wall art pieces. Through employing the time-honoured stucco method that has been integral to sculptural work in Italy for generations, they carve into a flat surface, and then skillfully manipulate the illusion of depth, resulting in three-dimensional, naturalistic, modern ceramic art masterpieces.


3. Ceramic Tile Art

Ceramic tile art has emerged as a force in the art world, capturing the attention of leading development companies keen on trendsetting minimalist wall art aesthetics. For truly exceptional artwork, the preference leans towards avoiding plain tiles and opting for sleek 3D bas-relief creations. This artist, specialising in this technique, excels in handcrafting ceramic tiles that celebrate craftsmanship, recalling vintage ceramic wall art styles and steering away from mass-simplified production prevalent in our globalised world. Often adorned with gold leaf or personalised etchings, these designs, besides being visually striking, boast practical benefits. Their waterproof nature makes them ideal for public art projects, while their commercial use aligns seamlessly with sustainable brand initiatives. They can also serve as distinctive hotel bathroom art, contributing to a unique brand narrative. In essence, the durability, uniqueness, and versatility of this artist's work make it a standout recommendation for projects seeking artistry that transcends convention.


4. Abstract Ceramic Wall Art

This ceramic style by this contemporary UK ceramic artist is prized for its visual unlikeness from any real-life objects. Extremely aesthetically delicate, it's a fantastic example of a ceramic artist inspired by nature. Her modern ceramic style is created through the repeated creation of individual units of flattened wafer-thin ceramic pieces, to then use to meticulously construct sculptures and ceramic wall art installations. The firing process serves as a vital element in her artistic toolkit, harnessing the elevated temperatures of the kiln and the inherent material qualities of porcelain to induce movement and transformation. Finally, leveraging the dynamic interplay of heat, she manipulates her designs during firing, imparting a distinctive final touch to her free-standing pieces. These sculptures encapsulate singular moments in the firing process, immortalizing each work. A skilful intertwinement of design precision with the element of chance, her creations are infused with a sense of liberation and individuality, and have been used for a range of aviation and yacht art collections.


Need more advice?

From sleek ceramic installations adorning feature walls to expansive contemporary ceramic wall art, our curators will collaborate with you to meticulously handpick a fitting artwork for your project. As seasoned public, residential, yacht, aviation, and corporate art consultants with decades of expertise, the Artelier team is adept at procuring artworks for a diverse clientele, boasting a database of 40,000 artists for exploration. We assess artists considering their investment value, education, experience, and suitability for your unique requirements. With a dedicated team cognizant of the effort and time involved in acquiring artwork, we provide a comprehensive turnkey service for your development project, managing all aspects of logistics, right up to framing and installation. Why not get in touch for a free consultation?


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