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6 Artists doing Textured Artworks You Need to See

If you're looking for something that's a little different, something with more texture and a 3 dimensional quality, then you'll love our curated selection of artworks by contemporary artists. We have selected each artist for the variety of materials they use to create beautiful textured pieces. Each artist works in a unique way, ranging from carved paper art to plaster wall art , contemporary sand art to geometric canvases and contemporary textile art. When it comes to selecting art for your interiors , texture can be a great way to add depth and interest.


Artelier Art Consultancy

Here at Artelier, we are specialists in curating bespoke textured and 3 dimensional painting for all types of clients and projects. Over the years, we have worked closely with many artists specialising in wall sculptures and textured paintings. Whether it be a sculptural wall installation or full-scale feature wall, we understand that each client has their own unique requirements, we therefore take the time to carefully consider the brief before putting together a proposal of artists that will meet the aesthetic as well as budgetary needs of the project. We will then commission the chosen artist on the client's behalf overseeing framing and final installation.

Discover a selection of our projects below, as well as a curated selection of many artists we have worked closely with. If you are interested in textured wall art for your home or commercial project, get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements. We look forward to bringing your vision to life!


Paper Artist

Contemporary paper artists create delicate works of art, using a variety of papers and textiles to achieve their desired look. From intricate cutouts to layered collages, these unique works have great visual appeal and often make a subtly elegant statement as part of a well crafted interior design concept.

Discover the work of one of the most established artists in this field Domitilla Biondi , an Italian-based paper artist whose work has gained international recognition. From abstract forms to elaborate hand cut floral details, Domitilla's pieces capture the eye with their intricate details and beautiful textures.

Paper artist Lauren Collin creates unique bas relief sculpted pieces which often feature painted paper as part of the collage. Her work is a combination of both two and three dimensional elements, working with delicate layers to create truly unique artworks. Based in her studio in Paris , Lauren's work often references nature, celebrating the subtle beauty and complexity of everyday life.


Dot Paintings

If you are looking for something a little more tactile and 3-dimensional, then consider acquiring a dot painting artwork. With its unique texture, these carefully crafted pieces have the potential to transform a space. Artist Jane Puylagarde creates impressive abstract forms from hundreds of small dots of acrylic paint, which give a plaster like quality to her work. She builds up the composition with a slow and considered process. Her works celebrate the beauty of fluid forms, with unique flowing compositions and subtle variations.

Artist Tania Taranto has also developped a plaster bead technique, experimenting with pigments and fluid compositions to create works that feature a strong tactile presence as well as adding to her visual interest.


Contemporary Sand Artist

Contemporary sand artist Martha Winter uses a variety of geological materials found in nature, she grinds raw materials such as sand and pigment before applying it on canvas, creating intricate abstract pieces. Drawing on elements of landscape, geometry and movement in her works, she creates both aesthetically pleasing paintings as well as fascinatingly tactile objects. the raw materials transform into complex compositions that have a unique 3-dimensional quality.

Yasmina Alaoui hand applies acrylic paint, pigments, salt and gravel on wood to create expressive, large scale artworks. She incorporates subtle islamic patterns which draw on her upbringing as a french-moroccan artist.


Textured Canvas

If you are after something more minimalist and clean, then a textured canvas with a geometric quality could be the best option.

The work of Krogh Andersen, a contemporary artistic duo brings clean lines and layered geometry to oversized canvases. Their works feature a variety of textures, shapes and layers, combined with monochrome and subtle hints of colour.

If you're after a more organic texture , then the works of Texture Wish from Etsy feature organic splashes, rough edges which are reminiscent of the movements of the Ocean.


Contemporary Textile Art

Textile art has been reimagined by contemporary artists in completely new ways, fusing textures with the canvas to evoke bold, dynamic forms and materiality.

Nina Kratz creates unique works combining modern minimalistic colourscapes, sculptural shapes and an experimental touch to create unique pieces. Her works feature stretched fabrics cleverly combining Scandinavian simplicity and sophistication with her interest in textiles.

Need some advice?

Whether you're looking for a simple monochrome plaster work or a highly intricate textile piece, there is sure to be an option for you. If you need advice in selecting the right artwork, commissioning an artist, organising framing and installation, why not get in touch for a free consultation? Our team of curators can put together a complete proposal, seeing the project through to the final installation.


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